Will An IP Security Camera Slow Down My Network?

June 21, 2017 by

IP security cameras provide you with a good way to secure your property from outside threats. While there are pros and cons to just about any technology, it’s safe to say there are definitely more benefits when it comes to IP security cameras. For instance, IP-enabled cameras are easy to use, offer high-speed recording, and can easily be integrated within your home security system.

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While there are many benefits, however, one point of contention involves the potential impact that IP security cameras may have on networks. And, to be sure, an IP security camera can slow down your network. If your network is bogged down, your Internet surfing experience will be compromised. This could lead to problems that range from annoyance (if you want to check your email), to frustration (if you need the Internet to telecommute).

While an IP security camera can definitely slow down your network, there are certainly things you can do to minimize the impact. Check out the following tips to reduce any impact that your IP security camera might have on your network, and don’t forget to consider security monitoring services that can spare your network entirely.

  1. Choose the Right Compression Format

    When you get your IP security camera, do yourself a favor and go through the documentation so that you understand how it works. In the settings section, choose a compression format that fits what you need. If you go for a lower format, you can lessen the storage capacity required by your IP camera, and this will reduce any adverse network impact.

  2. Select Proper Resolution

    You can reduce the negative impact that your IP security camera has on your network by selecting a camera that offers the minimum amount of resolution you need for the task at hand. To do this, you’ll need to know exactly what you’re monitoring so that you don’t short-change yourself by going with a resolution that is inadequate. The lower the resolution, the less impact there will be on your network.

  3. Reduce Frames Per Second

    If you reduce the frames per second, you will be able to cut down on any unneeded burden on your network. A rule of thumb is that five to seven frames a second are usually sufficient to properly monitor your dwelling. The higher you go on the frames-per-second front, the more your network is likely to get bogged down.

  4. Only Record Movement

    If your IP security camera is recording constantly, you’ll definitely slow down your network. You can reduce the impact by setting things up such that the IP security camera only records when it detects movement. It will turn itself on when something or someone is moving, and just as importantly, it will turn itself off as required. This will benefit you by freeing up your network when there is no need for your IP security camera to be recording.

An IP security camera can have a negative impact on your network, but the steps above can help you to lessen the impact considerably. If you’d like to leave the security monitoring to a third party that specializes in such services, however, then security monitoring services might be the way to go to protect your family and property.

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