What you Need to Know About IR Cameras

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When it comes to military and law enforcement procedures, IR cameras are the go-to technology. The same IR cameras are used in aviation and scientific research. For decades this IR technology was reserved for the aforementioned fields; however, in recent years, we’ve seen these cameras in a more public setting, especially for home surveillance.

IR Cameras

What are IR cameras and how do they work?

IR stands for infrared. When infrared technology is coupled with a camera it results in an illumination frequency range that goes beyond what the human eye can register as light. When an IR camera detects infrared energy – i.e. heat – it is converted into an electronic signal. This signal is further processed to produce an image to be displayed on a video monitor.

The energy (heat) sensed by an IR camera is used to monitor thermal performance, identify the severity of heat-related problems and even help keep your home safe. Recent innovations in detector technology that makes use of built-in visual imaging and thermal analysis allows for IR cameras to be used in traditional home and business security systems.

What are the benefits of IR cameras?

Infrared cameras provide an ideal alternative to regular security cameras because they offer many benefits to the user such as:

  • Day and night capability – IR cameras produce vibrant images during the day and high resolution black and white images at night.
  • Energy-efficient – IR cameras use LEDs to produce their infrared glow which uses 80% less energy all the while producing greater light intensity and visibility.
  • Inside and outside usage – IR cameras work equally well inside and out and can be wall-mounted and kept out of sight should you decide to use them in your home instead of outside of it.
  • Durability – IR cameras use polycarbonate clear domes that can take some punches. They are so sturdy that they can withstand direct blows of a three-pound hammer or heavier. Additionally, the enclosed channel where the Ethernet, video and power cables live is housed in mounting brackets that can stand up to 5 tonnes of force without breaking.
  • Ready to go – IR cameras come ready to install in an easy plug-and-play package. It’s always best to hire a security professional to install any home surveillance equipment and with an IR camera, the technician you hire will be in an out in no time.

Infrared cameras also decrease light pollution, making them the ideal device to add to any home security system. For more information about infrared technology, contact us today

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