Top Five Benefits of Installing a Security Video Camera

Top Five Benefits of Installing a Security Video Camera

October 9, 2019 by

Even the safest neighbourhoods are susceptible to theft, and commercial buildings aren’t immune. Business security systems, complete with video recording equipment, reduce the risk of theft and vandalism during and after business hours.

Whether you operate a thriving clothing store, movie theatre, or storage facility, installing a security video camera offers protection. There are many reasons why property owners choose to use video cameras for security—here are the top five.

1. Monitoring employee conduct

It would be nice if every employee you hired was loyal, but there’s always a chance for a bad apple to slip into the bunch. Stores using business security systems without video cameras lose products and money to casual theft with no idea where to place blame. Installing recording equipment narrows the hunt for a culprit and protects you against your employees.
According to the Retail Council of Canada, dishonest employees steal approximately $2,500 in merchandise from their employers before getting caught. This is a massive quantity of loss when compared to the average $175 that customers pilfer. Knowing which employee is at fault reduces tension among staff and recuperates your loss.

2. Witnessing on-site injury

Staff safety meetings, caution signs, and regular maintenance aren’t always enough to deter accidents or injury. For a business owner, an on-site injury could mean a lawsuit or a worker’s compensation claim. Using a video security system not only guards against theft of products but dishonest claims of injury as well.

Without a video record of an on-site incident, the outcome of such a case is based solely on word of mouth. Having proof of an injury (or lack thereof) on company property, keeps you apprised of dishonest claims.

Not sure this type of protection is warranted in Canada? In 2012, a North Vancouver Superstore lost a “slip and fall” case to a shopper who was awarded $755,549 and change. According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, more than 42,000 employees are injured in similar incidents each year.

3. Catching thieves and vandals in the act

Depending on the profit margin of your business, petty theft of a product could result in a much greater loss than you realize. For example, a business operating on a 10% profit margin that loses a $5 product to sticky fingers must sell another $50 in merchandise to recuperate the loss. This could mean:

  • Staying open for longer hours.
  • Hiring more sales staff.
  • Raising prices to accommodate the loss.

Similarly, being vandalized by a group of miscreants with a paint can or baseball bat will cost more than the price of paint thinner or a new window. It could result in:

  • Loss of hours while a shop remains closed for repair.
  • Cost of labour to have professional maintenance services.
  • Wages for increased security personnel.

This is where a security camera comes in handy. Having a digital recording of crimes being committed helps retrieve the culprit responsible. This offers respite from paying for repairs or lost products out of your own pocket.

4. Reviewing current business practices for improvement

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of a video security system, and one that is often overlooked is the chance for improvement. The world of business, commerce, and finance are constantly evolving. This leaves company owners with a responsibility to update business practices and displays regularly.

Just as you would update the coding and graphics used on the company website to meet current consumer expectations online, your shop can be improved. A video feed of your corporate space offers insight into what’s currently working and what needs updating. For example, you might notice the placement of a display blocking the view of underselling products to customers. Or, you could stumble across a raised piece of carpet that has staff regularly tripping on their way to the breakroom.

A video feed of your workspace also provides ample access to employee conduct. The video could suss out the next “employee of the month” or point a finger at the culprit who’s been throwing trash into the recycling bin. In any case, business security systems with video offer room for growth and improvement.

5. Updating outdated business security systems

The age-old adage, “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it,” might spring to mind with the suggestion of updating security. Unfortunately, while older systems still work, they aren’t always as dependable as new ones.

Old security systems were based on the principle concept that an alarm was enough to scare off potential theft. Modern thieves are highly innovative, creative, and cunning. The removal of security tags and other safety devices often takes place before a thief ever attempts to leave a store. This leaves employees picking up removed tags and trying to remember who they saw with what.

Modern security systems offer all the bells and whistles a business needs to protect themselves, their employees, and their investments. Here at Canadian Security Professionals (CSP), we know a thing or two about what it takes to keep a business safe. Our top-of-the-line business security systems come with 24/7 video monitoring, which can stream directly to your smartphone, tablet, or home computer. Even when you’re not at the office, you can keep track of employee conduct, internal activity, and external security.

High definition visuals offer a perfect view of all the comings and goings of your commercial property. Our customers sleep soundly, knowing that if there’s a problem, not only will your camera pick it up, but an alert will be sent should something be amiss. Some other features include:

  • Bandwidth optimization.
  • Remote access to your video feed from anywhere you go.
  • All-day video recording.
  • Cloud-based streaming and storage.
  • Analytics for specific recording that differentiates between people, vehicles, objects, and animals.

Go Digital with a Security Video Camera Service

If this post has piqued your interest, CSP Alarms is happy to answer any questions you have. Our team of experienced security professionals are well-versed in all our products and services, including our business video monitoring systems. To receive a free quote, call CSP Alarms at 1-877-494-9911 or contact us here.

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