How To Maintain Your CCTV System

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Closed-circuit television systems play an important role in keeping us safe. Any good CCTV surveillance system will provide you with peace of mind and allow you to monitor the premises of your home or business. Because a CCTV surveillance system is such an investment, it is important to ensure it is properly maintained. To keep your CCTV system in top shape try these four upkeep tips.

Maintaining CCTV System

  1. Be aware of the weather: If your system is outside, you need to ensure that the lens isn’t being affected by changes in climate, or that the camera itself hasn’t been knocked around by heavy wind and rain. Do a weekly walkaround inspection of your system to see if the camera lens looks weather damaged or if the camera appears be leaning at an unnatural angle.

    Debris, dust, pebbles and even animal feathers can become stuck on the lens or on the camera, weighing it down but by regularly inspecting the system, you’ll be able remove any debris before it causes major damage.

  2. Keep the lenses clean: Think of your CCTV’s camera lenses as eyeglasses. If lenses on your glasses are foggy or fuzzy, you won’t be able to see anything. The same goes for your CCTV system’s lenses. These lenses need to be cleaned regularly with a special solution and cloth.

    Don’t use a homemade solution or any old rag you find lying around. DIY cleaning solutions are great for your windows and floors but not for your CCTV system. Furthermore, an old cloth can scratch the lens and you’ll need to replace it. It’s worth it to spend the money on the special solution and cloth.

  3. Don’t block the system: Anything that gets in the way of your CCTV surveillance system is going to be a problem. Don’t stack boxes in front of the system, even if you can still see it. The weight of the boxes could damage or loosen the cord and cables that the system uses to relay information back to the monitor Also, dust and grime are more likely to build up in front of your system if it is blocked by other things.

  4. Call a professional: The company that installed your CCTV surveillance system will provide the perfect maintenance solutions at a reasonable price. Check your warranty and see what it covers in terms of upkeep. You can obviously, do your part by making sure the system isn’t blocked and the lenses are clean but a professional can perform maintenance duties that are well beyond your control. For example, if a camera becomes unfocused, it may need to be realigned and no amount of lens cleaner can do that. Also, for a system that is damaged by the elements like heavy snow and wind, it may need to be replaced altogether in which case you cannot do that yourself.

To learn more about CCTV maintenance and our security systems, contact us today. Our systems will keep you safe and we’ll even help you maintain them.

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    Thanks for the guidance.

  • Posted on 21 Jun 2018 By Lauren Simmon

    Security cameras play a very important role in terms of security. Thanks for sharing some of the important guidelines that are needed to be kept in mind while installing Security cameras at your home or offices.

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