Does A Fake Camera Work To Deter Theft?

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There are some benefits to using fake security cameras: they are definitely cheaper than getting a real one, and they don’t require the maintenance of a real camera. But do fake cameras actually work to deter theft? The answer is yes and no. Why? On the one hand, intruders might be discouraged by a fake camera since they want to evade detection. On the other hand, expert thieves won’t be fooled by a fake camera–they’ll be able to notice the difference.

 Fake Camera As Theft Deterrent

Deterrent Without Teeth

Fake cameras might deter some burglars, but that’s all they’ll do. Fake cameras are powerless to capture any actual footage in case there is a break-in. They can’t help prove a crime was committed nor can they help authorities track down the perpetrator.


Real security cameras require wires for input and output while the majority of fake cameras have only one wire that connects it to the mount. Skilled thieves will quickly detect this and figure out whether you have a real camera or a fake one.


The colour of security camera lights can give easily give away a fake camera. Fake security cameras typically have red lights, which are designed to make it look as though they are recording. In actuality, real security cameras usually have a green light and it is usually at the back where it won’t be readily visible. So, an experienced thief will spot your fake security camera easily if it has a red light on it.

Panning Feature

A lot of fake security cameras include a motor that allows the camera to pan from right to left. This is intended to make it look like it is filming the location, but most real security cameras lack a swivel feature.

If you’re looking to get security for your home, you’re better off with real home security system with cameras. A fake camera can deter minor thefts but won’t be much of a deterrent to a pre-planned break-in. When you consider the importance of what you’re protecting, it makes all the more sense to invest in a solution that will actually help.

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