Best Locations To Install Security Cameras In Your Workplace

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Installing home security cameras definitely makes sense, but to get the best bang for your buck you need to ensure that they’re strategically installed in the right places.

Installing Security Cameras

Figuring out where to place security cameras in your workplace really comes down to determining which areas of your property are more likely to be used as a point of entry by criminals. These are the sort of vulnerable areas where you should consider installing security cameras.

Your best bet is to get a professional security system company to come by and do an assessment of your property to recommend where to place security cameras. If, however, you want to do that assessment yourself, then read on for tips on the best locations to install security cameras in your workplace.

Front Door

One place where you absolutely must put a security camera is the front door of your business since the front entrance is a popular mode of entry for thieves. So in addition to getting a reinforced door that is hard to compromise, get a security camera. But be sure to install the camera up high enough to prevent anyone from seeking to damage the camera.

Back Door

Another area where you should place a security camera is the backdoor of your workplace since this, too, is a common way of entry for crooks. While you’re at it, install security cameras at every door leading into your workplace and always be sure to place the cameras high up enough so that no one can damage or remove them.


As you no doubt know, windows can provide an entry point for thieves. However, your best bet would be to focus on windows that do not face the street since these windows will be more attractive targets for criminals who want to go undetected.


In addition to installing security cameras outside, it makes sense to take the same precautions inside so that you can have an extra layer of protection in the event that someone somehow manages to elude the outside cameras. Be sure to focus on places around sensitive areas. For instance, if you have a vault where the cash is stored overnight, then by all means safeguard the area with a security camera.

If you still have questions about the best locations to install security cameras in your workplace or if you want to know what options you have for security cameras and installation services, contact our team of specialists.

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