Best Location For Home Security Cameras

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Protecting your home needs to be priority number one since criminals are more likely to target homes that have not been properly fortified over homes that have been equipped with a home security system.

Home Security Camera Placement

An important part of any system is the camera component. But simply installing a number of cameras is not enough — you also have to be strategic in terms of where you install them if you’re going to get good results.

What follows is a look at the best locations — a top 5 if you will — for home security cameras so that you can put together the best home security system for your home and property needs.

  1. Basement Stairs

    If your basement has windows through which criminals could potentially gain unlawful access to your home, then you should place cameras so that they capture images of anyone who does happen to try to get inside unlawfully. It would be best to install a camera that includes a motion sensor and night vision.

  2. Backyard

    Don’t forget to protect the back of your home. Criminals could not only seek to take your outdoor equipment and outdoor furniture, but also use your backyard as a way to ultimately access your home. You can thwart such a scenario if you install a camera with night vision capability as well as floodlights that have motion sensors. By so doing, you’ll take a solid step forward in the quest to have a home security system that’s impregnable.

  3. Off-Street Windows

    Criminals know that if they’re going to break a window to access your home, their best bet is to do so by focusing on a rear window that will not garner the sort of interest that a street-facing window would. If you properly position a camera so that it protects the off-street windows, you will make them less inviting targets for criminals.

  4. Rear Door

    The back door is a very popular mode of entry for criminals who want to get into your home, so it makes perfect sense to position a camera that safeguards this area of your home.

  5. Front Door

    If you thought that the front door was the most popular way for criminals to access homes, then you would be correct. Place a camera up high enough to protect the front of your home and to potentially ward off criminals.

So, there you have it — 5 important places to install cameras. While you’re at it, be sure to install the cameras high enough so that criminals cannot reach up and retrieve them. With the right camera strategy, the best home security system is within your reach.

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