Are Your Video Security Cameras Secure?

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With home security technology developing at a rapid pace, it is no surprise that more and more Canadian homes are being outfitted with cutting-edge security systems featuring video cameras. These cameras can be mounted virtually anywhere inside or outside your home, allowing you to view vulnerable areas in your home and on your property. Not only does this help protect against intruders, but it also allows parents to keep an eye on your children, pets, elderly family members, and your home and yard.

 Video Security Cameras Secure

Video Camera Security

Although home security systems are more popular than ever before, there are still some questions revolving around the safety and security of these video cameras. Usually, home video monitoring allows you to view your home cameras through a live feed on your phone. This gives you 24/7 access to your video cameras. Unfortunately, some Canadians have been the victim of theft and other cyber crimes, as hackers have penetrated their security system and stolen data or even viewed their home video cameras. While this can be a startling and unsettling revelation for homeowners who use video cameras to monitor their property, there are a number of ways you can minimize your risk and keep your cameras protected from digital crimes.

Digital Privacy Protection

As cutting-edge technology continues to immerse itself into our everyday lives, the importance of digital privacy is a growing concern for Canadians. Since most of the devices we own are outfitted with high-quality cameras—cell phones, laptops, televisions, video games consoles—it is important to adhere to safe practices when using this technology and storing your data. Home security cameras are also susceptible to hacking, just like any other digital device. However, if you are careful about how you use this technology, this will be no more concerning than the camera on your cell phone. Here are several tips that can help you keep your cameras secure:

1.Secure your cameras

Unfortunately, many Canadians who purchase video camera security systems do not know how to protect against possible hackers. Before your system is up-and-running, be sure to inquire about how to secure your system, possibly with a WPA2 encryption, which will make it much more difficult for a hacker to penetrate your system. For wireless networks, this is an absolute must-do. You can also consider a firewall between your internet connection and your devices. Depending on your home security system, you may need professional help with encrypting your network.

2. Update your cameras

Security companies are constantly updating the software on their products, so your cameras will have regular software updates to install, just like your cell phone or tablet. It is crucial that you always update your software as your security system will patch vulnerable areas of the software, protecting your device from hackers. By updating your software as often as possible, you can make it much more difficult for tech-savvy individuals to access your security system and your video cameras.

3. Use strong passwords

Home video cameras are often wirelessly connected to your internet and monitoring apps so you have 24/7 access to your video feeds from your cell phone. However, this kind of access can make your cameras more susceptible to hackers. If you are going to use your cameras from your phone or computer, it is important to use very strong passwords to protect your profile and keep your video feeds private. There are a number of ways you can create strong passwords, but it is very important to use a range of letters, numbers, and special characters to ensure your password is not easy to identify.

4. Find a reputable security company

When shopping for a security company, it is important to find one you trust to help you determine which system you need, install the system, and maintain and monitor it. While some consumers focus on price and others on features, the most important factor when choosing a security company is their reputation. To prevent your home security system from being compromised, the best thing to do is find a reputable security company that you trust to keep your information secure. In the event of an emergency situation such as a break-in, fire, or medical emergency, you want them to be there to alert first-responders and keep your family and property safe.

Installation and Maintenance

Beyond the cyber-security of your video cameras, you also want to make sure that they are properly installed and maintained. Outdoor cameras must be designed to fit their environment.

In Canada, they must be able to withstand rain, snow, and temperatures lower than -30 degrees Celsius. Your cameras should also be mounted and positioned in a way that they will be unaffected by snow and other environmental factors. To ensure proper function and a longer life-span, your cameras must be properly installed and maintained by a professional.

For more information about video camera security, call Canadian Security Professionals at 1-877-494-9911 or visit our website here.

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