Should Your Vacation Home Have An Alarm System?

February 12, 2018 by

A vacation home is where you go to for rest and relaxation with family and friends but even as you enjoy the time away from your regular routine, you should think about how to keep it secure when you’re not there to look after it. Burglars target homes that are not lived in so if you’re not renting out your property when you’re not there, the risk of a break-in increases. If you have a home security system in your primary residence and are debating installing one in your vacation property, ask yourself these questions:

Vacation Home Alarm System

How Often Are you There?

If your vacation property is only used for a fraction of the year and remains vacant for the most part, you should consider a home alarm system. Thieves love to target homes that are not lived in so while you’re not enjoying your home away from home, take measures to keep your property is secure. When you factor in what you invested in your vacation property, you should be able to justify the cost of an alarm system to keep it and your belongings safe.

Do you Have Valuables There?

Your vacation home is likely outfitted with nice furniture and electronics. If left unoccupied for a long time, you should have an alarm system to safeguard your property and your possessions. An alarm system, especially when used in conjunction with security cameras, can help deter burglars or potentially capture evidence if there is a break-in.

Does Your Garage or Your Sheds Have Costly Stuff?

If you have a boat, ATVs, bicycles, or a collection of power tools in your garage or shed, then you definitely need to keep them protected. A lock is great but you can go a step further in security with an alarm system. That way, you can protect your stuff from criminals who would love nothing more than to make off with your small engine equipment and tools — things that will be easy for them to sell off for quick cash.

Investing in an alarm system for your vacation property will not only help prevent thefts while it’s unoccupied, but in case a break-in does happen, it’ll greatly reduce the amount of items that are stolen if the alarm is ignored. Interactive home alarm systems allow you to monitor your home at all times through your smart phone or computer so you even though you’re not there, you can rest assured that your property is safe.

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  • Posted on 07 Jun 2018 By Adam

    It’s an excellent idea to install an alarm system in your vacation home especially if there’s no one to take care your property. I think it’s safer from thieves and you can monitor your vacation home 24/7.

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