Necessary Security Measures For Retail Stores Who Sell Valuable Merchandise

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Valuable merchandise, especially small things like jewelry, electronics, fine wines, and cigars that can be easily carried off, are tempting targets for thieves. Why rob registers for hundreds of dollars, when you can fill a backpack with merchandise worth thousands?

High-End Retail Stores Security Measures

If you have a valuable merchandise store, someone has likely already put thought into how to rob you. It could be a customer wondering if they could just wear a necklace out onto the street; it could be a professional thief wondering if a power drill would break into your security locker.

As a storeowner, you have three security goals: prevent thefts in the first place, ensure that thieve are caught by the police, and ensure that everyone wondering how to rob you knows that they’ll get caught.

Here’s how to do be successful in these efforts:

  1. Use Cameras: Inside and Outside, Back and Front
  2. Cameras are your best friend as a luxury retailer. They are discreet enough not to bother shoppers, but visible enough to scare shoplifters. Even better, they present a hurdle to late-night professional break and enter crimes. In almost all instances of theft, video footage will find its place in court. Even if robbers wear masks, the size, gender, and bearing will be captured by the camera and can all be used as part of the prosecution’s case.

    Additionally, cameras placed outdoors can help the police make an arrest, as they often capture images of getaway vehicles. Ideally, outdoor cameras should have Pan-Tilt-Zoom functionality, allowing them to automatically track and focus on moving figures.

    Be sure to record your back rooms, as well. No safe is burglar-proof, and you want to be able to provide as much video evidence of any crime as possible.

    Once you’ve installed security cameras, consider having your insurance re-assessed. You will probably save on several liability areas.

  3. Go Wireless
  4. We recommend wireless security devices stores for many reasons. First, many wirelessly connected devices, including motion detectors, run on battery power, keeping you protected in a blackout. Second, wireless devices can be easily moved around. This helps prevent blind spots from developing when you reorganize your storefront. With easily moved cameras, you can always keep a clear view of counters and loose merchandise.

  5. Use More Than Noise
  6. Sirens often scare perps away, and can bring help from neighbours, but they’re not foolproof. Sometimes people mistake sirens for car alarm misfires and ignore them, and sometimes robbers just ignore them and smash and grab anyways. Using two-way-voice, lights, tracking cameras, and other responsive features makes it more likely that a triggered alarm will deter theft.

For more information on how you can protect your store’s merchandise from theft, contact our team directly!

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