How to Keep your Belongings Safe on Vacation

June 10, 2014 by

Vacation is all about relaxation. You are leaving behind the stresses of work in order to enjoy life in some other locale. Everything seems lovely until… suddenly your laptop bag is missing!

Keep Your Belongings Safe

The unfortunate consequence of vacation relaxation is that sometimes people let their guard down a little too much. On top of that, you are often in an unfamiliar place when you are on vacation, so your habits and expectations no longer apply.

Sadly, this is a perfect recipe for being robbed.

In order to keep your belongings secure while still enjoying a relaxing vacation, here are a few travel tips:

  • Hotel safe – Try to choose a hotel with a safe. This will keep your valuables secure while you are out and away from your room.
  • Front pockets – Purses and even rear pockets are much more vulnerable to pickpockets and thieves. Keep valuables like cash in your front pockets, or in a money belt.
  • Lock suitcases – Some suitcases have a lock built into them. If yours does not, you may be able to buy a small padlock that slips through the zippers. This will make it harder for a thief to remove items while you are not looking.
  • Keep cards and cash separate – Keep your credit cards and ATM cards separate from your cash. That way, if one is stolen, you will still have access to the other. If everything is in your wallet and your wallet goes missing, it is much more devastating.
  • Smartphone remote tracking – There are apps for your smartphone that let you track its location and lock it down from a computer. That way, if it gets lost or stolen, you have a better chance of recovering it.
  • Careful when napping – If you are going to get some sleep while on a train or bus, make sure that your essential valuables (passport, money, cards, phone) are stored in inner pockets on your person. If they are left in your bag, there is a higher chance they could be stolen without your knowledge.
  • Watch out for scams – Many thieves specifically target tourists with all sorts of scams. Sometimes they are elaborate, but other times they are as simple as offering to help you with your bags – then running off with them.
  • Backup documents – Make scanned copies of important travel documents like passports, Visas, and permits. If the originals go missing, it will make it easier to get new official versions if you have all of the relevant information at hand.

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