Home Robberies By The Numbers: When You Should Be The Most Alert

January 18, 2016 by

Consider the following fact: a residential break-in happens every 90 seconds in Canada. This statistic alone shows that home robberies are a very real threat.

Home Robberies

Luckily, however, there is a lot of evidence showing that a burglar is more likely to burglarize your home at certain times, which can help you know when you need to be extra alert in order to better protect your home.

  • Between the Hours of 10AM and 3PM
  • More than 80% of break-ins occur during daylight hours. Typically, this means during regular business hours when people are at work or school. If you know you won’t be home during these hours, the key is to make your home still look occupied. Put your TV on a timer or leave a radio on, both with the volume up high.

  • While You’re on Vacation
  • While you are out on vacation is another prime time for burglars to target your home. The key here will again be to make your home look occupied. Invest in some electronic timers to automatically turn lights on at night, but that will vary the lighting each night.

    You should also consider stopping all mail delivery to your house while away so it doesn’t look like mail is piling up outside when you aren’t home. Alternatively, have family and friends come over to cut the grass or shovel snow. Have them place garbage out on garbage day, or ask a neighbor to park in the driveway.

  • At Night
  • Even though burglaries are statistically more likely to happen during daylight hours, robbers will often scope out houses for belongings at night when they sneak by undetected. Ensure that blinds and curtains are closed at night. Also, consider investing in some motion-sensor lights to deter burglars away from the home.

  • On Fridays
  • A recent study showed that burglary is most likely to happen on Friday (followed by Saturday, and then Wednesday). If you can, ensure that the above tactics are being employed routinely on these days.

  • The Months of July and August
  • These two months statistically see higher numbers of burglaries in North America (about a 10% increase over other times of the year). There are two possibilities for this: one is that homes are more likely to be unoccupied as people are on summer vacations. Secondly, more windows are more likely to be open as well, providing the perfect entry-way for robbers.

Statistics show that having a 24-hour monitored alarm system Hamilton will significantly reduce the risk of a home robbery. At Canadian Security Professionals, we offer award-winning security systems and can easily install them for you. Speak with one of our professionals to choose the best fit for your home!

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