8 Tips to Preventing House Fires

July 10, 2015 by

A house fire can destroy your valuable possessions and impact the lives of you and your family, but preventing house fires can be done with just a few basic steps!

House Fire

Knowing what to look for will help you protect your home from fire resulting from electrical wiring, cooking, and your air conditioning and heating system.   

Here are 8 tips to preventing house fires and protect your family. 


  • Use proper storage
  • Keep your cooking oils, oven mitts, and other materials properly stored away from your stove. Grease fires are especially dangerous and difficult to extinguish.

    Pouring water on a grease fire causes it to spread quickly. Instead, cover the fire with a lid or use baking soda to extinguish it.

  • Avoid distractions when cooking
  • A common mistake when cooking is to leave a pan unattended. Be sure to avoid letting others distract you. If you have to take a phone call, stay in the kitchen so that you can keep an eye on your cooking and avoid any unwanted accidents.


  • Don’t overload your circuits
  • The use of multiple devices often leads to overloading your circuits. Using power strips and extensions can quickly cause damage and lead to a fire.

    Inspect your home to find circuit breakers and fuse boxes that might be overloaded. If you’re unsure about how to handle your electrical wiring, consult with a professional to avoid the risk of damage or harm.

  • Keep cords in good condition
  • When electrical cords become old and damaged, they increase the risk of a house fire. These can create sparks that can ignite nearby flammable materials.

    Replace any old cords regularly. If your home is vulnerable to rodents and other pests, be sure to check your wiring to ensure that these unwanted house guests haven’t damaged it.

Air Conditioning and Heating

  • Keep space heaters clear
  • Depending upon where you live, your air conditioning and heating system may get a lot of use throughout the year. If you use portable space heaters, be sure to keep them away from nearby drapes, furniture, and other materials that could result in a house fire.

  • Inspect your HVAC system
  • A professional should inspect your HVAC system on a regular basis. The components used in these systems should be checked and maintained. Air filters and coils should be kept clean and free of debris.

Playing With Fire

  • Use candles with caution
  • Never leave candles unattended. If you leave the room, blow them out and consider an alternative light source. This is especially true if you have animals that are able to knock the candles over. 

  • Smoking in the house
  • This is one of the biggest causes of house fires. If you smoke indoors, do not leave a cigarette unattended. Forgotten cigarettes cause house fires in Canada and America every year. 

    Additionally, when throwing away cigarettes, run them under the sink faucet to ensure they are fully extinguished before throwing them in the trash.

    Preventing a house fire will protect your family and your property from serious harm. Taking care when cooking and maintaining the electrical and HVAC systems of your home will ensure that your home is safe all year round!

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