7 Easy Tips To Protect Your House From Burglars

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Keeping your home, family, and possessions safe is extremely important. Burglary is one of the most common crimes committed, but it is also a crime that you can prevent from happening to you.

Burglar Prevention Tips

There are many ways to make your house less appealing to thieves. Here are the top 7 tips to protect your house:

  1. If you are going to be away, make your home look occupied.
  2. This is a simple one: make sure that it is not obvious that you will not be home. Have someone check on the house periodically, have your lawn taken care of, and even ask for a neighbour or friend to put out your garbage so it looks as though the home is always occupied.

  3. Keep items such as bbq’s, lawn mowers, and bicycles stored out of sight.
  4. If you have items like these laying around, thieves will see you as an easy target. You need to find a good spot to store these expensive items to ensure their safety while you’re not around.

  5. Get a home security system.
  6. Canadian Security Professionals can provide you with Protection Smart Security to ensure your safety. Speak with a home security specialist Mississauga to have a system installed and to discuss what services or products work with both your concerns and budget.

  7. Make sure to lock your doors and windows.
  8. Even if you are just keeping your doors unlocked for a short period of time, you’re giving burglars easy access to your sentimental and monetary valuables. At night, keep your windows locked to prevent burglars from finding ways to enter your home.

  9. Have your neighbour or friend, pick up your mail when you are away. Do not let it build up.
  10. Your mailbox can be filled up in a matter of days with junk mail such as flyers and brochures, have someone pick up these items for you. You don’t want to create attention to your home being vacant by letting the mailbox overflow.

  11. Don’t leave keys in ‘secret’ places such as under the doormat, mailbox or other common areas – most thieves will know to check the premises for keys in the usual places.
  12. A lot of people still keep keys in secret places, but the truth is, many of these “secret” places aren’t so secret anymore. Best practice is to leave an extra set of keys with a trusted neighbour or friend who can provide you with the keys when you need them.

  13. If you notice suspicious activity in your area, call 911. Do not take the law into your own hands or try to confront this person or activity.
  14. If you notice a person or car that seems out of place – take notes about the colour and person but do not approach them. Call the police to alert them of your concerns.

  15. Close your garage door when it’s not in use and keep it locked.
  16. If you live in a house where your garage leads into your home – always keep this in mind. It is best to keep your garage locked, so you avoid car or item theft.

  17. Change your lock, if your key is missing, lost or stolen.
  18. Head to your local hardware store to purchase a new lock. Have new keys cut for the people who you live with.

  19. If you are going to be a way for a short or long period of time – leave lights on.
  20. If you want to connect a lamp to an automatic timer, it will ensure that your home has light in the evenings, making it more difficult for burglars to come and go unnoticed.

Canadian Security Professionals provides Home Burglar Protection alarm systems that will provide you with high quality services and peace of mind in knowing that your home and family are protected. Call us at 1-877-494-9911 to find out the best services for your home.

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