5 Tips To Prevent Bicycle Theft

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When spending a significant amount of money on a good bike, it only makes sense that owners will want to do everything they can to ensure that their investment is well protected!

Preventing Bike Theft

It can take as little as a few seconds for a seasoned thief to steal an unprotected bike, making it highly important for bike owners to do everything they can to protect their property. Some of the top tips offered by security experts include:

  1. Invest in a High Quality Lock
  2. Investing in a great bike is a great choice for daily commutes and your overall health, but if you don’t also invest in a high quality lock, you are risking some serious disappointment. A good lock will make a huge difference in protecting your bike from theft, especially in highly trafficked areas. For the most security, opt for a U-shaped lock with a cable lock system.

  3. Learn How to Use Your Lock Properly
  4. A U-lock should be used to secure the frame of the bicycle to the bike rack. Before locking, wind the cable through the front tire and attach it to the u-lock. Ensure that the lock cannot be easily moved or tampered with while in place and secure all removable parts. The gap between your lock and the bike should be small to prevent thieves from smashing or cutting the lock.

  5. Never Leave Your Bike Unlocked and Unattended
  6. Most bike thefts occur because the opportunity presented itself to the wrong person. Prevent this situation by never making your bike an easy target. Whenever you must leave your bike unattended, ensure it is securely locked to something that won’t be easily broken or removed.

    Even if your bike is inside of a garage, it is best to lock it to something secure; garages can be more easily broken in to than bicycle locks.

  7. Insure Your Bike
  8. Given enough time a determined thief will eventually be able to cut through just about any lock. For this reason, it’s important to add your bike to your insurance policy so that if something happens to it, you will be reimbursed. Some locks will carry partial insurance from the manufacturer protecting you from loss in the case of product failure.

  9. Record the Serial Number
  10. Located on the bottom of the frame between the pedals, a bike’s serial number is a unique number that allows your particular bike to be identified if stolen. Record the serial number from your bike and register it with the local police to ensure it will find it way back to you if it is stolen and recovered.

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