5 Reasons To Install Wireless Security Cameras

September 4, 2015 by

This is a new age where everything is going wireless, from telephone systems to home surround systems, and now home security systems Hamilton. Wireless security systems are increasingly gaining popularity among homeowners and business owners alike.

Wireless Security Cameras

Compared to wired systems, wireless security cameras are smaller and easier to set up, even for those with limited technical ability or knowledge. In addition, wireless cameras can be positioned nearly anywhere, provided they remain within the range of a wireless receiver. As long as they are within this range, users can easily and quickly reposition their cameras anywhere on their property.

It is also easier to conceal wireless security cameras compared to their counterparts, because there are no wires to be traced, making it easier to place them in inconspicuous areas.

Other reasons to install wireless security cameras include:

1. Interactive monitoring

Wireless surveillance systems offer unlimited accessibility by connecting them to your home or business Wi-Fi network, which means that you can check your camera feeds in real-time remotely, anytime, from the next room or anywhere in the world via your smartphone or tablet. You can conveniently monitor your kids, keep tabs on babysitters or contractors, and identify who (thief) or what (pet) triggered the alarm in an instant.

2. Instant alerts

Connecting your surveillance system to your home Wi-Fi network and mobile devices means that you can connect and monitor your property online. In addition, you can receive instant notifications when an alarm or sensor is triggered, allowing you to take immediate action.

3. Discourages would-be criminals

Some thieves still believe that all you need to break into any property with a fully wired surveillance system is a sharp pair of wire cutters. Unfortunately with some security companies, that is true. Criminals can effectively blind any wired security system by disrupting the perimeter phone and power lines.

Wireless surveillance, on the other hand, has no wires to attack, plus the systems are built to continue functioning for extended periods even after power disruption.

4. Can be placed anywhere

One of the major shortcomings of wired surveillance is that it restricts the places where cameras can be positioned depending on the length of the cables, regardless of whether or not those locations are optimal for surveillance. With wireless systems, you can position your cameras anywhere within the wireless range.

5. Produce secure footage

Many wired systems record the footage on an onsite backup, which can be easily accessed and destroyed by criminals. Wireless surveillance, on the other hand, saves all recordings directly to the cloud where it can only be retrieved by authorized persons. In addition, the digital data is saved using top-rate encryption techniques that cannot be easily hacked or corrupted by cyber criminals.

If you are not using wireless security cameras because they are expensive, you should note that there are extremely affordable surveillance systems available. They are an all-around great tool for keeping your family, home, and business safe from multiple threats, ranging from fires to burglaries.

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  • Posted on 28 Oct 2015 By Rosetta Garcillano

    Cool. According to what I’ve read, surveillance cameras have been helping in solving and lowering the number of crimes that happen in a community. It’s good to know that security systems continue to improve from time to time. Sending alerts to mobile is a great help, indeed.

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