4 Benefits Of Adequate Home Security

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Not all security systems are created equal. While some might scare away robbers after they’ve entered, others only have that impact after the burglary is already in play. Depending on your needs, you have a wide variety of protection options available to you.

Home Security

However above everything on the market, the most comprehensive is a system that includes two-way voice that is supported by tamper-resistant and weatherproof Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras.

We’re taking a look at why this is so essential:

  1. Two-Way Voice Discourages Theft
  2. A difficult challenge for alarm professionals is posed by local police time response, which isn’t always as short as it could be. We can’t do anything to get the police on the scene faster, but we can make ourselves known.

    Two-way voice lets us communicate with home invaders, letting them know we’re listening, recording, aware of their actions, and sending the authorities right away. It erases any hope a perp might have that the alarm is just a loud noise with no-one at the other end of it. Even better, it helps collect evidence to help justice be served. In the vast majority of cases, a perp will run immediately after realizing a real person is on the other end of a two-way voice call.

    But what then?

  3. Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras Help Cops Catch and Prosecute Perps
  4. To catch and prosecute a perp, the law needs as much help as possible.

    Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras are the definition of “much as possible” when it comes to video evidence. A PTZ camera tracks motion, zooming in on perps as they move through the field of vision. Since the motion sensor has a wider arc than any camera lens, this also gives PTZ camera a larger effective field of view, as it simply pans to take in whatever is happening.

    Most importantly, though, the zoom feature also allows for auto-focusing. The perp’s face and actions will never be out of focus. All evidence collected by a PTZ camera will be as clear and useful as if it was recorded by an actual person with a camcorder. For additional accuracy, consider PTZ models with night vision capabilities.

  5. Tamper-Resistance Prevents Vandalism and Tech-Savvy Crime
  6. Tamper-resistance is becoming essential in the arms race with criminals. While most street criminals do not know how to disconnect cameras and motion sensors, they likely know how to smash them, which still costs you money. With tamper-resistant security systems, criminals will waste their precious time trying to damage them, costing you nothing and costing them everything.

  7. Weather-Proofing Keeps You Safer
  8. It’s not just to save money that we suggest people upgrade to weatherproofed systems. Weather damage can interfere with a device’s functions, creating blind spots in security systems. Regularly inspected, weatherproof components ensure that you always have a complete security network protecting your home.

For more information on how you can better protect your home and all those living in it, contact our team today!

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