3 Items Stolen Most Often In The Summer

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As summer comes to a close and autumn makes its way in, we often think about all the positive parts of the passing season. Cycling, backyard dinners, driving with the windows down are just a few of the things we love about summer.

Most Stolen Summer Items

Unfortunately, there are negative aspects of the warmer months that many people don’t put enough concentration into; mainly being easy thefts for robbers.

We’re reviewing the top three most often stolen summer items so you can protect yourself throughout the fall and be prepared for next summer!

  1. Bicycles
  2. Cycling is a great way to get around in the summertime. Unfortunately bicycle theft is a major problem in both big cities and small towns. If you’re looking to keep your two wheels around for next summer, here are some security measures you can take against theft:

    • Invest in a good lock! High quality locks are expensive, but nowhere near as expensive as replacing a bike! Spend the time and money to find the best possible lock you can. The added security is worth it.
    • Don’t leave your bike publically accessible overnight. Leaving your bicycle locked overnight, especially on quieter streets, is just asking for theft. Most bikes are stolen at nighttime when there are no witnesses around. If you don’t have access to indoor storage and locking your bike overnight is unavoidable, try leaving it on a busy, well-lit street.
    • If you live in a big city, consider buying a used bike to ride around. Thieves are often on the lookout for flashy, new and expensive bikes.
    • If you can, bring your bike into your house, apartment, or locked garage overnight.
    • When locking your bike, remember to take your lights, panniers, and other removable items inside with you. 
  3. Patio Furniture
  4. No matter where you live, backyard theft happens. Thieves can steal thousands of dollars worth of furniture, and it’s usually scarily easy for them to do so since patio furniture is often lightweight and easy to carry.

    So how can you protect your furniture?

    • Install motion detector lights: The lights will alert you of an intruder and will likely scare them off before you even get home.
    • Lock up your furniture: This is what many restaurants, cafes, and bars do with their furniture. Wire rope is inexpensive and easy to use, and will defer potential robbers from attempting to take your belongings if they see it attached to your patio furniture.
    • Install CCTV cameras. Visible security cameras will deter thieves from entering your backyard. 
  5. Items in Cars
  6. In the summer and into the first weeks of fall, you’re more likely to drive with your car windows down and therefore more likely to forget they’re down once the car is parked. Items commonly stolen from cars include:

    • GPS Systems. If you have a detachable GPS, stow it in the glove compartment when your car is parked, or take it inside with you
    • Stereo Equipment is not as transportable, but if you have an expensive system in your car, you should always ensure that your windows are up and your doors are locked!
    • Valuables left unattended (laptops, phones, CDs, iPods). Always remember to take these items inside with you, even if you’re just leaving for a minute!

Many of these thefts are preventable by always remembering to lock your car and roll your windows up. Similar to bicycle theft, cars left for long periods of time in low-traffic locations are more susceptible to theft. If you must leave your car for a long time and don’t have access to a garage, try to park in a busy, well-lit area.

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