How To Talk To Your Parents About Getting A Medical Alert System

March 13, 2017 by

If you have elderly parents who, while still able to live somewhat independently, may have medical conditions that require extra vigilance, then a medical alert system might be what is needed. With this option, they will merely have to press a button if they ever experience a medical emergency — and help will be dispatched posthaste.

Getting A Medical Alert System

It’s said that one in three persons who are over 65 years old will suffer a falling incident in their own residence, and those who do fall double their odds of falling yet again in the future. So you might decide that your elderly mom or dad might be safer if they choose from among the various medical alert systems available.

But what happens if your parents dig in their heels and express reservations about going this route? If you find yourself in the situation of having to sell them on this option, what follows are some talking points.

  1. You Need It More Than They Need It

    If your parents think that medical alert systems will make them look old and dependent, you can alleviate their concerns by telling them that you are concerned for their safety and that their using the system will help you to rest easier at night knowing that they will be within the click of a button in the event that there is an emergency.

  2. They Don’t Have to Let Others Know They Have it

    If your parents are feeling self-conscious about having to carry around the unit, let them know that it is small and unobtrusive, which means that no one needs to know that they even have it. For instance, they can attach a device to a necklace that can be tucked away out of sight. They can get the protection they want without drawing unwanted attention to themselves.

  3. It’s About Empowerment

    You can tell your parents that the device is really only a button that they can press when they need assistance. In other words, medical alert systems are not a sign that your parents are losing control, are too old or are unable to take care of themselves. The device, rather than being a sign of weakness, is a sign of empowerment.

As you can see, there are several talking points that you can use to convince your elderly parents that medical alert systems are helpful devices that can help to give them more independence. By having a rational discussion, you can get them on board and convince them that there’s plenty to gain and nothing to lose by getting the solution.

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