Your Home’s Perimeter Is Secure – But What About The Inside?

October 16, 2017 by

You have the outdoor cameras, security lights with motion sensors, and other things to safeguard the outside of your home, but have you put as much attention and effort into ensuring that the inside of your home is protected?

Securing Interior Of Your Home

While the best case scenario is to keep burglars from ever getting inside of your home, even the most well-thought-out perimeter strategy can be thwarted. And in such circumstances, you’ll want to have the right solutions in your home to serve as a deterrent, or at least to potentially capture the sorts of clues that might help the authorities with their investigation. What follows is a look at how you can safeguard the interior of your home.


Indoor home security definitely requires cameras. For the best home security system, you need internal cameras strategically placed to monitor high traffic areas as well as the type of nooks and crannies that thieves like to take advantage of. Criminals don’t like to be filmed in the act of stealing, so cameras can definitely be a deterrent, especially if your home security system includes a motion detectors, monitoring and an alarm.

Motion Detection Sensors

Placing motion detection sensors near exterior doors and windows as well as in high traffic areas will give you an extra layer of security. This will be all the more the case if you have monitoring, since the third party monitoring your home will be notified should a motion detection sensor be activated. The best home security system certainly includes motion detection sensors.


Don’t underestimate the usefulness and importance of a safe bolted to the floor. While not the most high-tech solution, they will safely secure your valuables in the event that thieves break-in with the intention of stealing your stuff. Whether you need to store away your jewelry, money, blank checkbooks, important documents or anything else, a safe will serve as a deterrent to would-be thieves.


In your quest to get the best home security system, don’t forget about the benefit of having a good alarm installed. Nothing gets attention quite like the loud sound of an activated alarm. In fact, many thieves will abort their break-in attempt if they trigger an alarm. And if you have monitoring, the third party doing the monitoring will be able to dispatch the relevant authorities to investigate any problems.

It is definitely important to protect not only the exterior, but also the interior of your home. With cameras, motion detection sensors, safes and alarms, you’ll be well on your way towards having the best home security system.

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