Tips To Improve Outdoor Lighting And Security

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When it comes to putting together the sort of home security system that will keep you and your family safe, you cannot overlook the importance of outdoor lighting and security.

Outdoor Lighting And Security Tips

Depending on how much attention you pay to outdoor lighting and security, you may actually succeed in deterring criminals who may opt to focus their attention on easier targets. What follows, therefore, are some tips to improve outdoor lighting and security, so that you can reduce the odds of being targeted by criminals.

  1. Let Your Light Shine
  2. Criminals are in their element, so to speak, when they can operate covertly under the cover of darkness. You can help your cause by ensuring that there are enough lights strategically positioned on the exterior of your home to ward off criminals.

    As you might imagine, there are various types of outdoor lighting options to consider. They include the following:

    All-Night: As the title suggests, all-night lighting is lighting that is on for the entire duration of the night, which acts as a constant deterrent for criminals. While it can be conveniently turned on and off, you could see your electricity bill go up. However, you can negate the electricity use hike by employing solar power options.

    Motion-Activated: Rather than being on all night long, motion-activated lighting remains off until someone activates a motion sensor. This option can catch would-be criminals off guard since the motion detector, once activated, will suddenly shine a bright light that will illuminate everything in the immediate vicinity. You can cut down on electricity use while providing the sort of lighting that will help to keep criminals away.

    Hi/Lo Combination: This exterior lighting source employs light of a low intensity type during the night, but the light shines brighter and brighter if someone triggers the motion sensor. As with the motion-detection option, you can save on electricity with the hi/lo combination while getting the bright light when it is needed most.

Landscape Considerations

Landscaping also plays a critical part in your home security strategy. What might look good from an aesthetics perspective might actually be harmful from a home security perspective.

Shrubs: Shrubs can really enhance the overall beauty of your property, but they can also provide ideal spaces for criminals to hide as they plan their mode of attack. So while you do not have to get rid of your shrubbery, you should maintain it regularly to ensure that it does not grow out of control and give criminals places to hide.

Thorny Vegetation:
Placing thorny plants, like a large cluster of roses, outside of ground-floor windows, can provide an element of protection since crooks are not likely to want to have to deal with the thorns.

As you can see, there are things you can do to protect your home. Using the outdoor lighting and security tips mentioned above will definitely help out in this regard.

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