Secret Hiding Spots For Valuables In Your Home

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Even the best home security system might not be enough to keep away a determined and persistent criminal. But it’s still your best option when it comes to doing all you can to safeguard your family and your property from thieves.

A good home security system can go a long way towards keeping intruders out and residents safe, and it can potentially spook those who have gained unlawful access and cause them to flee before they can do much, if any, damage.

Secret Hiding Spots At Home

However, you’ll want to have a strategy in place in the event that criminals—despite the best home security system, consisting of cameras, motion detectors, alarms and more—seek to get their hands on your valuables. Take a look at these secret hiding spots for valuables in your home.

Hollowed-Out Books

If you already have a bookcase with lots of books lining the shelves, then one or more hollowed-out books within which you can place some of your valuables will work. The reason you don’t want to do this if you don’t have lots of books on the various shelves is that criminals might be tempted to flip through the books if there are only a few. But they are unlikely to bother if you have loads of books, because time is of the essence during a burglary.

False-Bottom Garbage Bin

If you have a waste basket in your bathroom or powder room, then using one with a false bottom will provide you with a space to hide things of value. You can also put some things beneath the plastic liner of the trash bin. After all, criminals who break in don’t really want to go searching through anyone’s garbage, if they can help it.

Floor Safe

When it comes to safes, a floor safe trumps a wall safe. A wall safe can be easily removed by simply cutting through the drywall seam surrounding the safe, and these types of safes also tend to be light enough for criminals to easily carry them. With a floor safe—one that is installed in the closet of a bedroom—you will have greater safety. After all, criminals will have a hard time dislodging the safe if it’s been properly installed, and they’re usually quite heavy. Quite simply, criminals are likely to see floor safes as not worth the trouble.

False Electrical Receptacle

Using false wall outlets, such as a false electrical receptacle, will fool even the most observant criminal. While they look exactly like wall outlets, they have discrete compartments where you can hide things like money, jewellry and more. Just be sure not to install any of these covert devices near any actual electrical wiring.

Yes, there are places you can hide your valuables so that they don’t fall into the hands of criminals. Of course, getting the best home security system is your best line of defense if you want to safeguard your family and your property.

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