How To Choose The Best Home Security For Seniors

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With many seniors living longer due to medical advances and healthier lifestyles, it’s important to ensure that elderly people who wish to remain in their own homes rather than go into a retirement home are able to do so safely.

Older people face more and more challenges as they advance in age, whether physical or mental, so it can be more difficult for them to maintain the level of independence that they may have gotten used to. Even so, with the right game plan and execution, it’s possible to put in place a home security system that allows seniors to remain safe and sound.

Home Security For Seniors

Read on for some tips on how to choose the best home security for seniors — you’ll see that it’s about more than an alarm.

Ring the Alarm

A proper home security system is crucial for anyone. Seniors need systems that protect their property — including all of the possible entryways, such as doors and windows. They also need a control panel that is easy for them to operate — whether in the day or in the night — and it should be simple for them to use. There are lots of alarm systems available with all sorts of features, so seniors can pick and choose to find the right options for them. For instance, there are options that make it easier to report medical emergencies — something that will provide seniors and their loved ones with peace of mind.


It’s not only important to protect the doors with an alarm system, but also with deadbolts that will make it harder for would-be thieves to break in. Another point that warrants careful consideration is that seniors should avoid the temptation to hide their house keys near the entrance of their homes, since seasoned criminals won’t have trouble finding them. If necessary, seniors should leave a spare set of keys with trusted neighbours.

Assessment of Needs

Beyond the need to get the right home security system and to use deadbolts on all outside-facing doors, it’s important to conduct a needs assessment to determine what other things seniors will need to remain secure in their own homes. Obviously, some seniors will be more independent than others given differences in mobility levels and mental acuity. After the needs assessment, seniors will know what they require in order to remain in their homes and to stay safe.

It is definitely possible for seniors to remain in their own homes longer, but each case is different, and so seniors need to determine what they would require in order to stay home longer. However, the first order of business is to get a robust home security system that will provide protection and make it easier to report emergencies.

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