6 Signs You Should Upgrade Your Home Security System and Where to Start

6 Signs You Should Upgrade Your Home Security System and Where to Start

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A functional home security system is one of the most effective ways to protect your home and your family from danger. From alarms connected to your doors and windows to video monitoring of your house and yard, a comprehensive home security system can provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing your family is safe and your belongings are protected.

However, many people simply don’t upgrade their security system when it becomes obsolete. While they assume they are still protected, the reality can be quite different. With security technology advancing at such a rapid rate, it is important to make sure your security system continues to provide the safety and security you need. With that in mind, here are a few signs that your security system needs an upgrade:

1. Your system is 10+ years old

Most standard home security systems are designed to provide a full decade of protection. After that, technology has often surpassed the limitations of individual systems, leaving obsolete technology vulnerable. If your system is more than 10-15 years old, it is time to perform a security audit to identify where your system no longer meets your needs.

Unfortunately, updating old technology is often more expensive and inconvenient than simply upgrading to a more modern system. Depending on your security needs and your budget, you will have to choose between upgrading to a modern system or simply adding features to update your existing security.

2. You use a wired security system

Virtually all modern home security systems have transitioned from wired systems to online, cloud-based control. Wired systems have the unfortunate vulnerability of physical wires. Should a burglar or intruder cut the wires, your home will be left without any protection. Online security systems are much more difficult to interrupt, and they often require more sophisticated hacking skills to compromise their functionality.

Online systems also have off-site monitoring provided by the security company. If there is a threat to your security, you have a team of experienced security professionals available to help you navigate the situation. You can also customize your system to receive security alerts on your phone or mobile device. In this way, switching to a modern, online security system can provide more reliable protection for your family. If your system still uses a hard-wired connection, it is time to explore an upgrade.

3. You only use alarms

While alarms are a necessary feature for any home security system, alarms alone are not enough to provide your family with absolute protection. With modern security technology, you can customize a comprehensive home security system to meet your specific needs. From video monitoring in your backyard and on your front porch to automated lighting when you are away on vacation, there are a wide variety of additional security features that can provide your family with added protection.

4. Low-resolution cameras

Much like cell phone cameras, home security cameras have come a long way in the last decade. No longer are you restricted to grainy, pixelated photographs in black and white. With modern cameras, you can have full HD footage streaming live from your home security cameras to your mobile device. Not only do these cameras capture exceptional evidence in the event of an intruder or burglar entering your property, but you can also outfit these cameras with motion sensors and automatic notifications sent directly to your mobile device. This will help you keep an eye on your home, regardless of where you are in the world.

How to Upgrade Your Security System

Once you acknowledge that your security system needs to be upgraded, you can explore the wide range of security features available for modern homes. Here is a breakdown of the most basic features available to homeowners:

1. Video Monitoring

Adding comprehensive video monitoring to your security system is one of the most efficient ways to maintain the security of your home. Motion sensors and HD video cameras are just a few of the options available for homeowners. This footage can be accessed at any time, giving you a live feed of your home from your mobile device. Many homeowners have gone a step further. Rather than simply putting cameras at the entrances to their home, they also include in-home cameras. This can let you keep an eye on your pets or children when you are away, providing added peace of mind.

2. Environment control

Beyond the security of your home, you can also add environmental control features to your home security system. A Smart Thermostat lets you automate the temperature of your home, allowing you to program the A/C or heat to turn on and off based on your daily schedule. This will minimize the energy consumption wasted while you are away at work or on vacation.

Similarly, automated lighting can be programmed or controlled remotely, letting you turn on the lights when you are not home to give the appearance that the home is occupied. All of these features can be automated or controlled via your mobile device. While these features can enhance the security of your home, they can also help you track and reduce your energy consumption.

3. Access control

While an alarm system is a great start, comprehensive access control takes home security to the next level. These systems can include a coded entry, which can be given to family and friends to allow them easy access without leaving your home vulnerable to intruders. Smart Locks are also available, which allow approved individuals to unlock the door from their mobile device. Smart Doorbells are also available in more comprehensive systems. This includes a camera mounted on the door, allowing you to see who is at your doorstep and giving you the opportunity to unlock the door remotely for approved visitors.

4. Emergency response alarms

Every home needs to have the basic alarms and detectors in case of an emergency. This includes a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector. Modern systems can incorporate these detectors into your home security system, triggering the alarm and an emergency response if smoke or carbon monoxide is present in your home.

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