6 Home Security Tips for the Summer Season

6 Home Security Tips for the Summer Season

April 9, 2019 by

Home robberies and burglary numbers increase during the summer season. As so many families are taking time off from work and school to travel, thousands of homes are left vacant and vulnerable to burglary. In fact, Fridays in August are some of the most common days of the year for robberies, with 25% more robberies occurring on Fridays compared to Sundays. August crime rates are followed closely by July and September, with February being the least frequent. This demonstrates how much more likely you are to be the victim of a robbery in broad daylight during the summer months. With that in mind, here are a few tips for keeping your home safe and secure during the summer months:

1. Lock all windows and doors

It may seem like an obvious tip, but you may be surprised to go through your house and notice one or more windows that are not properly closed and locked. Some people leave a window unlocked in case they need to get into their home themselves, while others simply forget or dismiss the locks entirely.

During the summer, windows are also left open for better airflow, which can give an intruder the perfect opportunity to break-in. Many intruders enter homes through basements or ground-floor windows, as homeowners rarely think to properly secure them. Before leaving for vacation — or even before heading to work each day — consider double-checking all of your windows and doors and making sure they are locked.

2. Make it look like someone is home

To deter burglars from targeting your home, it is always a good idea to make your home look like it’s still being lived-in. When away on vacation — or even while you are out at work, if possible — parking a car in your driveway is an effective way to make it look like someone is home. If you can’t spare a vehicle, try setting your lights on automatic timers and having your mail picked-up by a friend to prevent criminals from targeting your home. It is even advisable to leave a few lights on and a curtain open upstairs, so it looks more natural at first glance. These simple measures can give your house the appearance that you are home, which will help make burglars to choose a safer, more convenient target.

3. Have someone check in on your home

Having a friend or family member check-in on your home is a practical way to protect your house from burglars while away on vacation. Not only will it seem like someone is home when their car is in the driveway, but they can also take care of your mail and even cut your grass to make the home look lived-in. From watering your plants to taking care of your pets, this can be a practical solution that also deters criminals from targeting your house. If any issues arise or an emergency occurs, your house-sitter can also call the authorities, minimizing the damage caused during the incident.

4. Clean up the exterior

While many people arm their home with alarms and other security measures, they often forget to protect their yard and garage. Patio furniture, tools, lawn ornaments, garden supplies, bikes, and other vehicles are all vulnerable to theft when you are not home, so it is important to protect these belongings as well. From improved garage security to simply bringing everything inside, you can keep your outdoor items safe while away.

5. Set an alarm

For those who rely solely on basic locks to protect their home, an alarm system can be a great way to deter criminals from targeting your home. The piercing alarm sound when a window or door is opened without a proper code, which can often startle an intruder into fleeing. Most companies also offer a variety of signage to make it obvious that the home is protected with a security system, helping to deter criminals from targeting your home and moving on in search of an easier mark.

6. Keep an eye on your home yourself

With a professional security system, you can even install security cameras that are triggered by motion-sensor inside or outside your home. These security cameras feature app-based controls, so you can even view the feed on your cell phone, tablet, or computer. In this way, you can keep an eye your children or pets while away at work and on your entire home while you are away on vacation. Should an intruder try to enter your home, both you and the authorities will be alerted immediately, helping protect your most valuable possessions from burglary.

For more tips on protecting your home this summer, call Canadian Security Professionals at 1-877-229-7252 or contact us here.

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