5 amazing ways virtual assistants can boost home security

May 25, 2018 by

When shopping around for the right home security system that has all the gadgets, bells and whistles you want, choose the best name in the home alarm industry: Canadian Security Professionals, an authorized dealer of ADT. For decades, ADT’s monitoring stations located throughout your area have provided quick response times in emergency situations. Technology has far surpassed the simple alarms of the past that alert when a door lock or window is tampered with. Now, with the wave of IoT technology, your home alarm system can be complete with virtual assistants and home automation systems. Once you upgrade to a home automation system, you can virtually turn your home into a smart home or business.

Virtual Assistants In Home Security

Even though this is a serious investment for safety’s sake, five remarkable and fun innovations enable monitoring, in addition to functions applicable to daily life: smartphones, tablets, smart watches, voice command technology, and TV monitoring. These forms of “virtual assistants” have risen in the security industry not only for their monitoring functionality, but also for their ability to control things around the premises. Everyday things like your garage door, indoor and outdoor lights, sprinkler system and thermostat can be controlled right from the app when you are away, or with the voice command feature installed in your home or business.

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