4 Steps When Setting Up A Security System In Your New Home

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The biggest investment for most Canadians is their home and according to the Canadian Real Estate Association, the average cost of a house in August 2016 from sea to sea was $456,722, up 5.4 per cent compared to August 2015.

Tips For Setting Up Home Security System

When you consider the cost of buying, let alone maintenance and property tax, it definitely makes sense to invest in keeping your real estate and your family safe. One of the best investments is a good security system. If you’ve never thought about the ins and outs of this important process, read on for four steps when setting up a security system in your new home.

  1. Strategy

    Before starting you need to come up with a strategy. In other words, you need to assess your new home, consider the doors and windows, and factor in the square footage to figure out what you need to protect and how much you need to protect. Then you need to consider your options in terms of an actual system to install.

  2. Choose

    Once you figure out exactly what you need, you’ll be able to make an intelligent and informed buying decision to get the security system you need to protect your home and family. Also, you’ll have to decide whether you want a monitored or an unmonitored solution. Be sure that you understand how all the components work so that you get the most out of your system.

  3. Set Up Cameras

    After doing step one, you’ll have an idea about how many security cameras you’ll need to secure the perimeter. You may even decide that you want cameras in the house as well — for instance, in an area of the house where your pet tends to go, so that you can keep tabs on it throughout the day. If you opt for a wireless camera set up, you won’t have to contend with any wiring. It’ll basically be as easy as mounting it and positioning it so that it focuses on the area you want it to.

  4. Secure Points of Entry

    Safeguarding points of entry means ensuring that your windows and doors are not used as paths of entry into your home. You should consider installing reinforced windows as well as sturdier doors and locks. These areas of your home are also ideal places to put motion detectors and security cameras. They’ll either serve as a deterrent or alert you in the event that someone tries to gain unlawful access to your dwelling.

A home security system definitely makes sense if you own a home since you want to protect your family and your property. Following these steps will get your started. Even so, you can also hire a professional if you want a worry-free installation.

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