3 Things You Need To Know About Home Security During The Winter Months

January 1, 2018 by

During the long winter months in Canada, the sun sets sooner and stays darker longer as opposed to the amount of daylight in the summer months. This presents an extra challenge as it relates to keeping your family, home and property safe from potential intruders who may attempt to take advantage of the extra cover of darkness that winter brings. Also, when the cold weather hits, people are more inclined to skip the subzero temperatures and book vacations, leaving vacant properties behind.

Winter Home Security

What can you do to secure your home against the extra threat that your residence may face during the cold winter season? Read on for a look at three things that you need to know about home security during the winter months. While there is an extra challenge, you’ll find that it’s nothing that an emergency alert system can’t help to remedy.

  1. 1. Lighting Control

    In order to eliminate any shadows or dark hiding places around the perimeter of your home, be sure to install an adequate lighting system with motion sensor technology that will detect whenever someone is moving about your property. You can set your lighting system to come on at a certain time, or you can set it up to detect any motion at night. Either way, your home will be a less susceptible to any break-ins and increase an offender’s chances of being seen by your neighbors or caught on camera.

  2. 2. Emergency Alert System

    Snow, sleet, freezing rain and ice are just some of the frigid conditions you can expect this winter. But as a homeowner, the wintery elements can really present a major challenge. This is where a good emergency alert system comes in handy. Consider, for instance, what the outcome could be if sub-zero temperature causes any of your pipes to burst. It’s estimated that flood-related insurance claims in the country are approximately $140 million annually. With an emergency alert system installed, you can benefit from flood sensors installed anywhere in your home, such as your basement or laundry room, that will notify you if there’s an issue that could lead to water damage. An emergency alert system is also a great resource if your furnace malfunctions, leaving your home a virtual icebox. Due to the temperature sensors installed, the emergency alert system will alert you and your monitoring service provider of any abnormal temperature changes that need your immediate attention.

  3. 3. Security System

    Make sure that your home security system, including CCTV cameras and motion detection sensors, are in good repair and are unobstructed. After all, what good is a security camera if it’s covered in a sheet of ice or by snow, such that, it is rendered next to useless. Therefore, you’ll want to periodically assess your entire security system to ensure that the various components are working the way they ought to be.

During the winter months, you’ll need to prepare your home to stay a step ahead of anyone that will be on the prowl for easy break-in targets. If you follow the tips above, you’ll be well on your way towards keeping your loved ones, residence and assets safe.

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