3 Home Security Tips For The Elderly

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When criminals canvas a neighborhood in search of suitable homes to burgle, it’s an unfortunate reality that they tend to focus on properties that they might see as easy targets…and sometimes these targets include the elderly.

Home Security Tips For The Elderly

Yes, there are some criminals who will view seniors as easier targets than are other demographics, which means that seniors need to take certain precautions in order to safeguard themselves from unwanted criminal attention. Read on for a look at 3 home security tips that will help seniors to stay safe in their own homes.

  1. 1. Doors

    One thing’s for certain — being mindful of exterior-facing doors is a must. Many home break-ins occur courtesy of doors, so it makes sense to invest in quality doors that are solid rather than hollow, to ensure that the door frames are strong, and to obtain sturdy locks and deadbolts. As well, it’s critical that seniors remember to keep the doors locked at all times when they’re at home or away, and to be vigilant when it comes to answering their doors when someone knocks or rings the doorbell. If the exterior-facing doors are up to par, seniors will be well on their way towards securing their homes.

  2. 2. Ground-Level Windows

    In addition to using doors to break into homes, criminals also like committing burglary by using ground-floor windows. So, seniors need to ensure that their windows are up to the task of discouraging criminals from using them to get into their homes. Putting security film or Plexiglas on the inside of the ground-floor windows will make it harder for anyone to break the glass. Installing quality locks and ensuring that the window frames are solid will also help. It also makes sense to keep windows locked, unless they’re being monitored regularly.

  3. 3. Security System

    It makes sense to install a home security system that includes an alarm, motion sensors for doors and windows, security cameras, and security monitoring services. That last component is definitely critical as it means that seniors will have an extra layer of protection. If they’re at home when someone tries to get into unlawfully, the monitoring services provider will be able to investigate, discuss the situation with the customer or and notify the authorities in serious cases. A security system that includes security monitoring services also means peace of mind since elderly people will know that help is available in the event of emergencies.

Seniors can indeed remain safe in their own homes if they take the proper precautions. If their doors, windows and home security system needs are properly looked after, they’ll make themselves less desirable targets for criminals.

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