3 Hiding Spots In Your Home Most People Don’t Think Of

October 23, 2017 by

When it comes to hiding your stuff so that it doesn’t fall into the hands of criminals, it does help to try to think like like a thief…if only to be able to determine where they might look if they were to break in and look for stuff to steal.

Home Hiding Places

So, you’ll want to avoid the obvious places like your sock drawer or in a jewelry box in your bedroom. What follows therefore is a look at 3 hiding spots in your home most people don’t think of.

  1. Freezer

    If you’re diligent, any criminals who break into your home will have a hard time finding your valuables and cash. One way to thwart their efforts is to put stuff in your freezer. For instance, if you wrap your cash or valuables in aluminum foil and then store it in the freezer, you’ll be one step ahead of the criminals. After all, how likely are they to go through every food item in your freezer to find valuables?

  2. Bathroom

    How can your bathroom provide the perfect place to hide your valuables? The solution is the tiled sections. Here’s how: Remove one or a few tiles from a wall, clear away the drywall exposed after you remove the tile or tiles, create a drawer-like contraption to fit the space in the wall and be sure to use the tile or tiles you removed to glue back onto the back of the drawer-like contraption so that when you push it in the hole, no one will know that there’s anything behind the tiles.

  3. Kitchen

    Yes, your kitchen can be a great place to hide your money and valuables. For instance, you can use empty coffee canisters to store stuff that you want to keep out of the hands of criminals. And when there are scores of bottles and containers stored in your kitchen or pantry, it will make it hard for criminals to go through everything.

Yes, there are different places in your home that will allow you to stay a step or two ahead of thieves should they break-in. Your freezer, bathroom and kitchen are just some of the places to hide your stuff from thieves.

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