Why is Monitoring Your Fire Alarm Systems so Important?

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One disaster that can cause much loss for anyone and their homes is fire. Protecting your property from fire hazards is very important. A fire alarm system is designed to detect a fire early enough for safe evacuation. These systems also help protect your property by alerting emergency response personnel who will help control the fire while it is still extinguishable. Unfortunately, most people’s homes aren’t equipped with sufficient fire alarm systems. Many assume they’d be able to smell the smoke when asleep, to wake up and escape in cases of fire. However, according to recent studies, sleep can only be disrupted by sound or noise – not smell. Researchers have discovered that our sense of smell is lost when we go to sleep.

Importance Of Monitoring Your Fire Alarm Systems

Why Do You Need Alarm Monitoring?

This is a common question among property owners. There are a variety of reasons why you will need alarm system monitoring.

It’s a Requirement

There are different codes throughout Canada that define the types of buildings that need remote monitoring by third parties. This means that if your building falls under the Building Codes’ category, you are required by law to have your systems monitored. You will also receive a certificate from the monitoring company to prove that your systems are monitored.

Barns are Prone to Fires

Fires tend to tear through open structures such as barns faster compared to other structures with many walls. Hay and other dry materials feed the fire, making it quickly spread to your home. It may only take a few minutes for animals to be overwhelmed by smoke. Your traditional alarm may also not be loud enough for your rural structure. Additionally, conventional alarm systems easily get clogged and tend to malfunction frequently.

Peace of Mind

Although a home alarm system will protect your home from burglars, a monitored alarm system will alert you in case of a fire for you to evacuate the building. Keep in mind that not all fire alarm systems automatically alert the fire department – which means that if your alarm is activated, it won’t necessarily notify the emergency team unless someone gives them a call. But with a monitored alarm system, the fire department will be dispatched upon activation even while you are away from home.

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