How to Provide Security for Your Commercial Purposes

How to Provide Security for Your Commercial Purposes

October 23, 2019 by

As a business owner in Hamilton, the question looms, “How do you protect your property and investments?” Commercial spaces come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you run a shop, rent storage space, or operate a manufacturing plant, there are always measures to be taken to improve security.

The first step most businesses take in this search is employing the services of a professional security company. Your security firm may make suggestions such as:

  • Hiring a security officer.
  • Around the clock video monitoring.
  • Locks and alarms on doors and windows.

These are all excellent suggestions, but how do you know which security company to choose or which are the best security systems that Hamilton has to offer? Throughout this blog, we’ll examine more closely the current trends in security systems, how to find a suitable security team, and more.

Interview Security Companies Before Hiring

You wouldn’t hire an employee to sell your products without interviewing them first, so why run the risk of hiring a security company you’re incompatible with? If there’s one thing the age of the internet has given us in spades is its ability to research and compare products and services online. Before you choose a team to protect your commercial space, look at all the available options.

A quick search of local security businesses will provide a glimpse of what you’ve got to work with. After this, a scan of services and products offered will narrow your selection. Once you’ve created a list of the top three candidates, it’s time to perform interviews. Some questions to ask include:

  • Do you offer on-site security officers?
  • Will I be notified of a break-in or vandalism after hours?
  • What kind of warranty is available on your system?
  • Does your security system include live video?
  • Are costs a flat rate or monthly?
  • How may I access my commercial property security video feed?
  • Are security videos in HD?

Speaking to a service provider in person will also give you an idea of the type of people you’ll be dealing with going forward. If the company seems friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable, your business will benefit.

Check Reviews and Ratings on Security Systems in Hamilton

No two security systems are exactly alike. This is another way the internet comes in handy. Word-of-mouth marketing is an excellent source of information for consumers. Of course, all reviews should be taken with a grain of salt. However, if a company has mostly positive reviews and high ratings, you can be sure you’re looking in the right place.

Before you select a company to handle your security needs, see what others are saying about their personal experiences. Pay close attention to comments regarding the longevity of security equipment, the effectiveness of video cameras and the willingness of the security company to work with the employer, etc.

Run a Background Check

Not everything we see online is true, which is why doing your due diligence is important. Canadian security systems should be licensed. Check that the company you’re considering is partnered with a Monitoring Association, has a clear record on the Better Business Bureau, and is an authorized dealer of systems like those through ADT.

If something seems fishy about a security company, trust your instincts.

Don’t Limit Yourself to One Type of Security

The security industry has grown in leaps and bounds over the past decade. Many businesses are equipped with state-of-the-art internet streaming, remote operated cameras, apps that send alarms directly to your smartwatch or mobile phone, and more. Limiting yourself to one form of security is silly when there are so many ways to protect yourself and your property.

The security systems that Hamilton offers are diverse, providing many options for commercial property management. At CSP, for example, we not only offer systems to capture potential threats to your property, but a team of trained Canadian professionals to monitor the equipment for you. Some of the benefits you can expect from this winning combination are:

  • Alerts when an employee forgets to set the alarm.
  • Text, push, and e-mail notifications by preference.
  • Notice if your business opens late or an alarm is disarmed during off-hours.
  • User codes for every employee.
  • Constant connection and total hands-on control remotely.
  • Motion sensors, window and door sensors, and energy sensors.
  • Light and thermostat schedules.
  • HD 24/7 video surveillance.

The more diverse the services, the better chance your commercial space has of being prepared.

Don’t Be Surprised by Cost

Keeping your commercial space secure is an ongoing project. For most businesses, this requires a long-term partnership with your security company. Weekly, monthly, or annual fees are to be expected, but what else? Finding a security team that offers transparency is crucial to financial balance. Yes, you want to reduce product loss and vandalism, but if the cost, by comparison, is too high, it’s not worth the trade.

Before settling for a company to monitor your property, be sure that there’s no fine print or hidden fees to be wary of. Some of the things you may be charged extra for are:

  • Technical support of surveillance equipment.
  • Around the clock monitoring.
  • On-site security personnel.
  • Upgraded services or hardware.
  • Security System Hardware installation.

Most of these companies will provide a free quote before tallying services and products. Be sure to compare the quote and the result, and inquire about any large exceptions to the former.

Protect Your Property and Investments with CSP Alarms

Hopefully, this post has provided some insight into the inner workings of the security industry. At Canadian Security Professionals, we work closely with Hamilton businesses to provide around the clock protection. Our clients can count on us to deliver high-quality products and top-notch customer service at every turn.

If you’re interested in adding security services to your commercial space, or updating current ones, give us a call. Our friendly and professional team is always happy to answer questions and meet new or existing clients. At CSP Alarms, your safety is our business. To receive a free quote, call CSP Alarms at 1-877-494-9911 or contact us here.

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