How To Secure The Doors And Windows Of Your Home

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While no one wants to envision the possibility of experiencing a break-in situation, the truth is that they do happen. Statistics show that a residential break-in occurs every one and a half minutes in Canada and that the majority of thieves get inside homes courtesy of doors and windows.

Securing Home Doors And Windows

What this all means is that you need to be on top of your game by, among other things, looking for the best home security system that you can find to protect your property and your loved ones. Read on for a look at some practical recommendations to help you secure the doors and windows of your home.


Doors are popular entry points for burglars looking to break into homes. Fortifying your doors means ensuring that the frames are solid, that the wood is solid rather than hollow, that the hinges are protected, that a quality lock and deadbolt are installed, that it has a peephole and that any glass in the door is not close to the door knob. As well, you need to ensure that your security alarm system comes equipped with sensors that can detect whenever the door is opened or closed. If you add in professional monitoring, you’ll benefit since a third-party organization will be able to check in should your sensors be triggered. And this means that they’ll be in the position to notify the authorities if there’s any indication that an unauthorized party has illegally trespassed and entered your home.


When it comes to windows, you need to be ensure that latches are up to par. Opt to replace any faulty latches with locks in order to safeguard your windows. If you were thinking of replacing your windows, you should consider inserting tempered or laminated glass, since either type is stronger than traditional glass. Considering that ground-floor windows are a favourite way for thieves to break into homes, you need to do all you can to make this a less viable option. This means keeping any shrubbery outside these windows pruned properly so that thieves can’t use overgrown vegetation as a cover. Keeping your windows locked when you’re away is a no-brainer, but so too is ensuring that your home security system is equipped to let you know if someone tries to open your window. If properly equipped with sensors, and professionally monitored, your security system can alert you if there’s a problem.

Getting the best home security system will help you to protect your doors and windows from thieves. With professional monitoring, you’ll be able to go a step further by securing that extra layer of protection.

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