Designing your Home to Protect your Valuables

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You can protect the valuables in hour home with just a few easy steps, but surprisingly many homeowners fail to do even the basics when it comes to home security.

Outdoor Lighting

Many homes have alarm systems in place that aren’t even used. This leaves homeowners vulnerable to burglaries, and puts both your valuables and family members at risk.

The following article will help you design your home to protect your valuables against theft.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Put yourself in the mind of a burglar. What are the signs they use to pick an easy target? Home intruders prefer homes that are easy to get into, and are often looking for valuable items that are easy to take out.

These include things such as jewelry, cash, and electronics (smartphones, laptops, and other similar items).

When designing the interior of your home, consider the view from the outside. If your valuables are seen through your windows, you increase the chance of attracting burglars looking for an easy target.

Make it a habit of putting your valuable items away. Establish designated storage spaces throughout your home to make it difficult for unknown visitors to see them. Using a safe for valuable jewelry, documents, or cash is a great way to protect them from theft or damage.

Don’t Make It Easy for Burglars

Make your home a difficult target. Homes that are protected and difficult to enter will force burglars to look elsewhere.

Use outdoor lighting to increase visibility at night. Motion sensors can be used to save electricity, but more importantly, they make it hard for thieves to determine if someone is home or not. Additionally, your doors should be equipped with dead bolts to make it even more difficult to break into your home without being noticed.

Even a quick shopping trip offers an opportunity for would-be burglars. Use your alarm system whenever you’re away from your home, no matter how quick you think you’ll be. A seasoned burglar can break into a house and get what they were after in a mere matter of minutes. 

Think Ahead

The best protection against theft is a proactive one. Taking steps to protect you for the future is vital to designing a safe home.

Take time to document your valuables by photographing them and making a note of their serial numbers. This will help you process insurance claims and allow authorities to identify your property should it be stolen and later recovered.

Review your homeowner’s insurance so that you understand the protection you have in the case of a burglary. This ensures that you are fully reimbursed for any losses in the future.

Designing your home to protect your valuables requires some basic security steps that many homeowners overlook. Keeping your items stored away makes it hard for intruders to locate them. These steps will make you and your family feel safe in knowing that your valuables are fully protected.

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  • Posted on 28 Oct 2015 By Home Security Solution

    Thank you for the tips. I actually see homes that do not consider the view from the outside. Their expensive valuables are seen through the windows. Maybe, they feel secured because they have a security guard at home. But, considering the tips above would really help avoid burglars.

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