Why Home Security Systems Deter Criminals

Why Home Security Systems Deter Criminals

November 11, 2019 by

There are few places as comforting as your home—and few things as uncomfortable as the feeling after your personal space has been broken into, burglarized or compromised in any way.

In the past, home security systems only sounded an alarm if someone broke into your home, but with today’s technological advancements and the awareness that security systems are better than ever, a modern home security system will not just help the authorities find and apprehend anyone who breaks into your home, they’ll help prevent break-ins from happening in the first place.

Here are a few reasons why home security systems deter criminals and help homeowners sleep better at night, knowing that their home is less likely to be targeted by burglars.

Studies Show that Burglars Skip Houses with Security Systems

A good home security system is not just effective because it sounds an alarm when a break-in or burglary is in progress—it’s effective because it’s likely to prevent break-ins from occurring at all.

The University of North Carolina and Charlotte’s department of criminal justice and criminology proved this point conclusively in a study titled “Understanding Decisions to Burglarize from the Offender’s Perspective.”

In the study, researchers from the university conducted more than 400 interviews with men and women who had been convicted of burglary. Sixty percent of the respondents interviewed for the study said that before they broke into a house, they would look to see if an alarm system had been installed—and if the house had an alarm system, they would leave that house alone and choose another home as their target.

Interactive Security

One reason why burglars don’t bother with a house that has a security system is that they know that today’s systems go far beyond simply sounding an alarm when a break-in occurs.

Modern home security systems are internet-enabled and come with apps that can alert both homeowners and the authorities when a break-in occurs, providing them with instant and complete awareness of what’s going on in their homes.

The days of going on vacation and having to worry about what might happen to your house while you’re away are long gone. Today’s home security systems offer image sensors, video monitoring, and mobile apps.

All of this interactivity means that criminals are less likely than ever to get away with burglarizing your home, and therefore, much less likely to bother trying.

Smart Locks

In addition to internet connectivity and interactive functions, another key deterrent in today’s home security systems is a smart lock that makes it harder than ever to get through your door.

With smart locks, you never have to worry whether or not you locked the door before you left the house. Smart locks allow you to lock your door from anywhere in the world using a mobile app, so you have peace of mind, knowing that your door is always locked.

Burglars know that the existence of smart locks makes it much less likely that they’ll be able to get through the door, and much more likely that the home in question has other security measures in place, all of which serve to deter them from targeting that house.

Video Monitoring

Video cameras have been deterring would-be thieves for years, and with today’s technology, home security video monitoring is better and more effective than ever.

A good video monitoring service allows homeowners to see what’s going on in their homes and receive instant alerts and notifications so they never have to worry. The best services offer 24/7 video monitoring, advanced analytical capabilities and continuous HD recording, all of which keep burglars at bay.

Security Systems Deter Burglars

Every person has the right to feel safe and secure in their own home.

A modern smart home security system can go a long way to arming your home with safety precautions that provide you with peace of mind and — just as importantly — give burglars or would-be criminals a healthy dose of intimidation that should keep them away from your home.

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