3 Weak Points In Your Home That You May Have OverLooked

October 9, 2017 by

Even the best home security system that money can buy will let you down if you over look weak links in the proverbial chain. Finding and correcting these shortcomings is of vital importance.

Home Security

Consider that statistics show that a residential property break-in occurs every 90 seconds. Yes, every minute and a half, someone’s home gets broken into. Even so, the majority of burglaries happen to be crimes of opportunity, which means that it would make sense to take away as many of those opportunities as possible.

Read on to learn about 3 weak points in your home that you may have overlooked — so that you can take the appropriate measures to get the protection you need.

  1. Locks
    If you have traditional locks, you might want to consider changing them for more robust options. A determined thief won’t necessarily be deterred by regular locks, as some of them can be jimmied with a crowbar or some other such device. So, a thief that is motivated to steal something from your home will probably be successful with a forced entry attempt. Instead of regular door locks, especially older ones that are worse for wear, you should consider installing deadbolt locks that will provide much better protection against forced entry attempts.

  2. Doors
    Doors, specifically exterior-facing doors, could very well be a weak link in your home security strategy. While getting good deadbolt locks is a great idea, they will only be truly effective if you have quality exterior doors. If you have flimsy, hollow exterior doors, thieves will easily be able to force their way in. Better options include fiberglass doors, solid wood doors or metal doors — all of which will afford you more protection than hollow doors.

  3. Home Security System
    If you think that any home security system will be up to the challenge of protecting your family and property, think again. All systems were not created equal, so you need to consider what’s out there and get the right option for you. A proper home security system will protect the points of entry, safeguard the windows, include motion detectors, have an alarm and include monitoring component for that extra layer of protection. Focus on getting the right home security system so that you get the protection you need to keep you and your family safe.

Getting a home security system makes sense but make sure that you aren’t compromising your safety by overlooking these other important aspects of a comprehensive home security system.

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