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As one of the top home security providers in Ontario, we are thrilled that families and businesses in Kitchener/Waterloo find incredible value in our smart security systems. Canadian Security Professionals is recognized as industry leaders among home security monitoring companies, winning multiple awards, including Consumers Choice Award, the Best of HomeStars Award, Alarm.com Award winner, and Three Best Rated Award. This shows our dedication to providing solutions that serve our customers’ needs best.

Home & Commercial Alarm Security Systems in Kitchener/Waterloo

With our professionally monitored home alarm systems and advertisements through yard signs and window stickers, you are alerting any potential burglars that they’re likely to fail and could get caught even if they manage to get in.

Our Products & Services in Kitchener/Waterloo

Home Alarm Systems in Kitchener/Waterloo:

Most cases of home burglaries are opportunistic. This means that you can successfully make your home an unlikely target for intrusion by getting a home alarm system. Our security systems allow you to protect your loved ones and valuables. CSP has built its reputation on providing quality security systems. We offer customized solutions by analyzing your home and security threats in your neighbourhood, and then identify the exact placement of each security device or component, before setting up your fully integrated security system with no loopholes.

Business Security Systems in Kitchener/Waterloo:

Our professional team can install devices that trigger the alarm every time a window or door is opened, or a restricted area is assessed. To protect your valuables, we can install asset protection devices that inform you whenever specific items are tampered with, such as the safe has been opened, a painting or wall hanging has been moved, or certain equipment has been tampered with, even when you can’t find any physical evidence. Asset protection security measures are not only effective in preventing theft but also give you peace of mind whenever you have visitors on your premises — like professional cleaners or repair teams — so you know when valuable items are disturbed or restricted areas are accessed.

Security Systems in Kitchener/Waterloo:

Our smart security systems allow you to monitor and control your home alarm system remotely. You can arm or disarm it, view who’s entering or leaving your home, or activate the panic button if you detect a threat, all via your web-enabled device, from anywhere in the globe.

Monitoring in Kitchener/Waterloo:

Use our monitored alarm systems for your holiday home, remote construction site, unoccupied premises, or other high-risk venture. With our professional operators watching for any incidents 24/7, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the appropriate responders will be dispatched in time to handle any situation.

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Our trusted solutions are designed to give families and businesses in Kitchener/Waterloo peace of mind. From 24/7 professional monitoring to real-time alarm notifications and total control of your security system on your smartphone via our advanced security app, we can customize your unique security system to address your specific needs.

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