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Home Security Monitoring Services Dundas

Dundas was previously an independent town before becoming a constituent community within the City of Hamilton, Ontario. The people of Dundas prefer to call it “Valley Town” because it is topographically located at the bottom of the Niagara Escarpment, and on the western end of Lake Ontario.

The town of Dundas got its name from the Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada (1798), John Graves Simcoe, for his buddy Henry Dundas – a Scottish lawyer, politician, and the 1st Viscount Melville, yet he never set foot on American soil. Before 1814, the town was known as Coote’s Paradise, but the name Dundas was not incorporated until 1847 as a part of Wentworth County.

Dundas’ access to Lake Ontario through the Desjardins Canal gave the town great economic prosperity in the 18th and 19th centuries, though it’s importance in Canada West and Upper Canada was later surpassed by Hamilton. In 1930, Dundas became a bedroom neighbourhood of the faculty and students of McMaster University, with a flourishing arts community, primarily potters and studio tours.

Living in Dundas

Dundas is a lovely community characterised by historic 19th century buildings, quiet tree-lined streets, culture, arts, recreation, and lots of restaurants, shops, and services huddled at the core of the picturesque Valley Town.

Take a walk down the streets and experience the distinct ambiance and charm of a small historic town, from the quaint restaurants to the food emporiums and specialty shops. What is more intriguing is the Business Improvement Area (BIA), which is a creative idea that joins local business and industrial/commercial property owners and tenants together – in the area identified as BIA – and are facilitated by their municipality to strategize, finance, and perform physical enhancements and promote economic development in their area.


The community of Dundas has an estimated population of 24,710 – as of 2006 – and an extremely low growth rate primarily because it has not annexed rural land from the Dundas Valley Conservation Area, which is protected.

Actually, the average annual growth rate over the last couple of decades has been 0.9 percent, with most of the growth taking place in the downtown and western areas. Dundas has one of the smallest family sizes in the City of Hamilton, with the average family having 1.1 children living at home. The result is a largely senior population with very few children and youth.

Some analysts argue that the aging population is one of the reasons why the crime rate in Dundas is fairly low. According to criminologists, young men between the ages of 15 and 24 are statistically more likely to commit a violent or property crime compared to other age groups. But owing to the baby boom in the mid twentieth century, most of the population in Dundas, and the entire country of Canada, is older than 30 since the 1990s, resulting in an overall reduction in crime in the country.

Still, there are few incidents of thefts, burglaries, and other property and personal crimes in Dundas. Don’t let your family or business be a statistic. Canadian Security Professionals offer a range of customised security systems to help you address your exact security needs.

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