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Home Security Monitoring Services Delhi

Delhi, which is pronounced DEL-High, was founded by Frederick Sovereign around 1826, and was then referred to as Sovereign’s Corners, before it was renamed to Fredericksburg, and eventually Delhi.

Located off of the intersection of Ontario Highways 3 and 58, this community of around 4,172 people, according to the 2011 Census, is tucked among nature’s finest landscapes and farmlands, complete with flora and fauna. The allure of Delhi is in its ability to offer the friendliness and character of a small town with the full range of services and facilities of a city.

Delhi is accessible by road, and provides a serene environment where folks can escape the big city rush and calm down and enjoy themselves. But as quiet as Delhi may be, there is plenty to do in this lovely town. Whether you prefer a great meal outdoors, live entertainment, a visit to the museum, a walk in the park, a bicycle ride among the quiet country roads, a night out at the theatre, indulgence in a range of sports competitions including swimming, tennis, and skating, or fishing, you can find it all here.

History of Delhi

Before 2001, Delhi was a part of the Township of Delhi, which is a municipal government inside the Haldimand-Norfolk Regional Municipality. Before Norfolk County was amalgamated, the former Township of Delhi had a population of 16,365 according to the 2001 Canada Census. Current Delhi has a population of under 5,000.

The history of Delhi has quite a few moments that shaped the town, including:

  • Delhi Train Stations – The first Delhi train station was a magnificent building that is no longer standing; was built in the 1870s and destroyed by a fire in 1918. There was a second station before and during the 70s whose train service had a regular schedule running through Delhi and Courtland.
  • Sovereen-Quance Mill – The current site for the Delhi Tobacco Museum & Heritage Centre used to be the location for the Sovereen-Quance lumber mill, which was established in 1842 by Henry Sovereen and his son Jacob. The mill was destroyed by fires and rebuilt several times until it the Quance family sold it in 1987.
  • The Capitol Theatre was built by Robert Hambleton in 1933 on the site of the Community Hall. Hambleton also owned the Simcoe and Tillsonburg theatres. The Capitol Theatre provided entertainment for movie fans, as well as a pharmacy and shoe store positioned on each of the main entrance.

Crime in Delhi

The crime rate for Delhi and the entire Norfolk County has fallen significantly according to data from Statistics Canada. Actually, most categories for crime in the county have dropped enough to consider Delhi a safe community compared to other communities of a similar size. That said, crimes such as mental health calls, drug use, and break and enters are barely falling, despite the use of creative strategies such as targeting patrols and prevention programs to crime hotspots.

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