Home Security Monitoring Services in Cambridge

Home Security Monitoring Services Cambridge

Canadian Security Professionals (CSP) is one company that has impacted the lives of families and businesses in Cambridge. Having won multiple awards, including Consumers Choice Award and the Best of HomeStars Award among others, it is a testament of our passion and investment in delivering relevant and budget-friendly home and business security solutions that give you the peace of mind that your loved ones, property, assets, and valuables are safe 24/7. Our mission is to protect every family and business in Cambridge by providing outstanding customer service, technology, and monitoring services.

Home & Commercial Alarm Security Systems in Cambridge

Burglaries are the most common threat that families and businesses in Cambridge face, and having a proper home security system can provide you with an extra layer of protection while giving you peace of mind. Thieves are always on the lookout for easy opportunities to grab valuables they can dispose of for quick cash. CSP’s Home Security Monitoring services in Cambridge make it clear to everyone that your property is protected, which helps to deter those with bad intentions because your property is no longer an easy target.

Our Products & Services in Cambridge

Home Alarm Systems in Cambridge:

Studies show that about 28% of burglaries occur while a household member is present, which makes it even necessary to have a home alarm system to notify you of potential intruders, and more importantly, reduce the chances of that happening. With advanced home alarm systems, you can protect your loved ones and valuables. Compared to traditional security systems, our home alarm system features are upgraded, giving you more accurate window and door sensors for greater reliability. Consider getting tamper-sensitive sensors that alert you when an intruder breaks a window or tries to tamper with the control panel. These could be humidity and temperature sensors that are triggered by fire and flood or pet-friendly motion detectors that are capable of distinguishing between your family dog and an intruder.

Business Security Systems in Cambridge:

Safeguarding your employees, inventory, and assets is a major component of sound business practices. CSP offers comprehensive business security solutions that feature burglar alarms, fire alarms, video surveillance, and more, giving you the peace of mind to focus on your core business operations, assured in the fact that our business security systems are protecting your investment. For a greater sense of security, you can also opt for video surveillance and remote monitoring of your security systems, helping to deter crimes while being in a position to quickly deal with any incidents through speedy dispatch of the appropriate authorities by the monitoring personnel.

Security Systems in Cambridge:

Clients in Cambridge looking to upgrade their security system can connect it to their home automation devices to enjoy more convenience with automated routines. Automation is a great addition to remote control via our app on your smartphone or tablet, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to arm/disarm the alarm, or asking your neighbour to turn your lights on or off when on holiday to create the sense that someone is home.

Monitoring in Cambridge:

At CSP, we give you access to professional monitoring for your business or home. This means that you have a team of professionals on standby, 24/7, who’re dedicated to dispatching the appropriate authorities whenever your alarm is triggered. You enjoy peace of mind regardless of whether you’re at home or away since your security provider responds to the alerts received from your home by investigating the situation, contacting emergency responders, and notifying you of the danger if you’re away.

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Our trusted solutions are designed to give families and businesses in Cambridge peace of mind. From 24/7 professional monitoring to real-time alarm notifications and total control of your security system on your smartphone via our advanced security app, we can customize your unique security system to address your specific needs.

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