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Burlington, Ontario has long been recognized as one of the best places to live and raise a family in Canada. With proximity to both Toronto and the Hamilton-Niagara region, Burlington offers all the amenities of a large urban center with the strong community feel of a small town. Boasting a population of 205,000 people, Burlington hosts a mix of residential and commercial areas with a bustling downtown scene and a wealth of green spaces.

Although the crime rate is relatively low in Burlington, there were still over 300 break and enters recorded in 2018. A professional monitoring and alarm system is the first step in protecting your home or business from potential thieves and intruders.

Home Alarm Systems & Automation

For residential properties in Burlington, our team of security experts offer comprehensive security audits, helping you to identify areas where your home is vulnerable. We create a custom security system tailored to your family’s needs, including alarms, video monitoring, access control, Smart Locks, and much more. These security measures help ensure you and your family have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is safe and secure.

Beyond our comprehensive home alarm systems, we also offer a variety of home automation services. Not only can these features make your everyday life more convenient and straightforward, but they can dramatically reduce your energy consumption. With energy management and environmental monitoring features, you can connect your security system with a Smart Thermostat, Smart Lights, and even Smart Curtains. These automated features let you control the temperature and lighting in your home with the click of a button — simply connect your phone to the app.

Business Security Systems

A thriving city for entrepreneurs and large corporations alike, Burlington is home to countless commercial properties. At Canadian Security Professionals, we provide comprehensive business security systems to help keep your commercial assets safe and secure. Our team of alarm system experts offer security audits to ensure you understand where your business may be vulnerable to theft and damage. From there, we equip your business with the security measures necessary to keep your business safe.

Environmental Monitoring

At Canadian Security Professionals, we understand that theft and damages are not your only worries when it comes to residential and commercial security. Environmental hazards can have a significant impact on your property, which is why we offer extensive environmental monitoring services alongside our security systems. From flooding and water damage to extreme temperatures, fires, and carbon monoxide poisoning, we can equip your home or business with everything necessary to protect your property from damage and keep your family and employees safe. With our Smart Home automation systems and the included app, you can monitor these environmental hazards from the comfort of your computer or mobile phone so that you can handle potential hazards with confidence.

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