Is A Landline Phone Necessary For An Alarm System?

September 12, 2016 by

Technological advances of cell phones are contributing to the less popular use of landline telephones.

Getting An Alarm System Without A Landline Phone

Traditionally, if you didn’t have a landline phone, installing a security system in your home was pretty much impossible. But the home security business has kept pace with technological advancements and so security monitoring is now available without the cost of an added landline.

Going with the flow

Security companies initially used wireless monitoring to backup conventional systems during blackouts or power outages. Mobile devices have now come into standard use. Many families have booted their landline phones in favour of cell phones. Now, many companies have cell backups, do Internet monitoring or have global mobile communications system units that do the job just as well without a landline. In fact, it may even be better! There aren’t cut lines with wireless technology. Also, intercepting or jamming signals is a lot more difficult for would-be burglars.

How it works

Cell towers dot the landscape these days. Wireless security connections are maintained using these towers through a cell transmitter installed on your property – no landline, no power or no internet connection needed.

Added benefits

Having your security system married to your cell phone will also allow you to get text alerts no matter where you are. Added features could include remote control of locks, lights and even the thermostat. Home security providers like Canadian Security Professionals Toronto (CSP) can give you more details. Even if you have been using a landline, you may want to rethink things and wave goodbye your old school phone in favour of going wireless.

Cellular benefits

  • Cost of monitoring via cellular technology has come down over the years and is now very affordable;
  • No phone lines to cut and security still maintained with a backup battery;
  • Cellular technology is stable;
  • Able to get text messages when your system is armed or disarmed;
  • Smartphone and internet access to your system;
  • Remote access video, if desired;
  • Internet monitoring, if desired.

So, if you thought you could only maintain a security system with a landline, think again. There are many options on the market today and you’re sure to find the system right for you and your family. Get safer, get more secure. If you think a wireless home security system might be a good option for your home, call CSP today to set up an appointment with one of their experts.

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