Tips For Updating Your Home Security For Summer

June 7, 2017 by

Home security is the sort of thing that should be on your mind all year round, but the summer season, with its balmy weather, presents an ideal opportunity to review what you have in place and to make any necessary improvements. When it comes to finding homes to victimize, criminals don’t take vacations, and they will certainly be on the prowl now that the climate is favorable. In order to protect your family and property, check out these three tips for updating your home security for summer. Number 2 is definitely a game changer—so don’t miss it.

Home Security For Summer

  1. Add Sensors

    If you already have a home security system installed, great. Consider bolstering its effectiveness by adding more sensors inside and outside of your home. The summer is a great time to do this, because you’ll be able to conduct a security audit of sorts without having to contend with bad weather.

    When sensors detect motion, they will trigger an alarm, which will alert you that there is a problem and potentially be enough to cause any would-be intruder to flee. On the inside of your home, make sure that sensors are positioned to detect anyone trying to gain access through doors or windows, and be sure to place sensors outside in blind-spot areas that would otherwise make good hiding places for criminals.

  2. Home Security Monitoring

    Installing a home security alarm is definitely the most important part of a home security system, but adding a home security monitoring component will take things to another level. With this sort of set up, your system will be connected to a third-party central command center, and the staff there will be alerted should any of your sensors be triggered. Once notified, they will be able to contact you, dispatch police and generally ensure that the right response is undertaken.

  3. Conduct Routine Maintenance

    Summer is a great time to conduct some routine maintenance. Since your home security plan will go all that much better if your infrastructure is secure, look at windows, doors and locks to ensure that they are in good repair. If they are worse for wear, repair or replace them. This will definitely help to keep your property safe from break-in attempts.

Yes, summer is a time associated with warmer climes and fun times, but you can’t let your guard down on the home security front. By keeping in mind the aforementioned three tips, you can keep your family and property safe.

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