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Best Security Product of the Year: Smart Signal From Alarm.Com

May 11, 2020 by

Are you looking for home security products that give you the most value for your investment? Choosing the best security system can be a challenge, given the numerous options for equipment and services. But with the rapid changes in technology, you can narrow down your options by looking at the newest home security products released by a reputable security service provider.

The newly launched “Smart Signal” emergency protection feature from came on top at the Consumer Technology Association’s (CTA) Mark of Excellence Awards as the 2019 Security Product of the Year. This award was given in recognition of the best product design for optimizing residential home security at the world’s largest and most influential tech event: the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). recognizes the need for speed and reliable communication during emergencies. By leveraging a dedicated cellular connection and professional security monitoring, the Smart Signal feature provides users with a direct connection to their home’s monitoring station anytime from anywhere with an Internet service via the app.

With its smarter feature focus, Smart Signal enhances your professionally monitored service by:

  • Allowing you to send a panic signal from your phone
  • Allowing you to confirm an emergency signal with your monitoring service
  • Giving you the option to quickly cancel a false alarm with the single touch of a button

Click here for more information on the Smart Signal.

User-Friendly App

Emergencies or alarm events, such as intrusions and fires, can cause shock and stress. The app features a set of simple and clear emergency buttons that make calling for help easier. Smart Signal is designed to significantly improve the communication between you and your professional monitoring service operator for expedited emergency response. So, in an alarm event, only two buttons will appear: “Verify” and “Cancel.” You can choose the appropriate option and hold it down for 3 seconds. For panic situations, you can select the kind of emergency signal you want to convey.

Innovation for Enhanced Safety

As consumers become increasingly tech-savvy, they expect their home security products to keep them safer with greater convenience, and that is what’s smart home security technology offers. The Smart Signal feature improves professional monitoring services by providing the best-in-class smartphone features available from the security service provider. This gives you unmatched security, effectiveness, and efficiency of your home security.

Direct Connection to Emergency Services

Smart Signal is an in-app emergency signalling service that allows subscribed users to send a direct signal to their security system monitoring station using the mobile app on their smartphone or tablet. This means that any user with the app can send vital, timely information to their security monitoring service provider for a broad range of emergencies. They can do this via their phone from anywhere for high-speed service, whether it’s verifying an alarm event or cancelling a false alarm.

Remote Emergency Response

With the app installed on your smartphone, you can use Smart Signal at home, at work, on the go, or anywhere else with access to an Internet connection. In the event of an alarm, you can use the app to check video feeds and other security details to provide an appropriate response: verify or cancel it. The Smart Signal streamlined service gives you greater control over your property’s security, enhancing your safety and peace of mind.

Staying Connected to Your Monitoring Service Provider

Your professional monitoring service receives the signal via a cellular connection, which is always in constant communication with the monitoring station via cell tower signals. This means that any alarm event will always be received, and gives you peace of mind compared to simply relying on your landline or Internet connection. Even during power outages, you can still communicate with your professional monitoring provider.

Preventing False Alarm Dispatches

This innovative feature boosts the overall value of security monitoring, especially in tackling issues regarding false alarms. Indeed, one of the biggest concerns for professional security monitoring is false alarm dispatches, particularly due to the fines imposed by local ordinances. With Smart Signal, users can quickly cancel a false alarm with a simple command via the app, without the hassle of calling your monitoring operator or keying in a passcode. You simply need to tap the “Cancel” button in your smartphone app to inform the monitoring station that no action is required.

Real-Time Information for Quick Decision-Making

Your professional monitoring service can use the information you send via Smart Signal to make decisions in real-time regarding your emergency events, such as dispatching fire-fighting services, emergency medical providers, or police officers to your property. For instance, by confirming an alarm at your home via the app, you can eliminate the need for the operator calling your home to verify the signal, which means that the responders will be activated faster. Similarly, you can quickly cancel a false alarm, or send a panic signal remotely if you discover an emergency at your property that may not have triggered the alarm.

Final Note: Upgrade Your Basic Security System

Keep in mind that the cost of your home security product is dependent on the price of the security equipment provided and the monthly professional monitoring service. Smart Signal doesn’t add to the cost of monitoring; it simply makes it more efficient. If you would like to update a standard home alarm system, your additional costs may include professional installation or activation fees. This depends on the type of security system obtained, such as smart home devices, HD security cameras, and home energy or environment monitoring.

With mobile app access, you can not only arm and disarm your home security without visiting the control panel or keypad but also verify or cancel alarm events sent to your professional monitoring service to expedite emergency response or cancel false alarms. With the mobile app, you can check the live video feed with your HD security cameras, view notifications for alarm incidents, and even customize the actions for your smart home devices and security system.

How to Access Smart Signal

Launched at the start of 2019,’s Smart Signal is currently available, and subscribers looking to upgrade their security monitoring service can access it through their service provider.

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