Canadian Security Professionals Crowned 2019 HomeStars Best of Award Winner!

Canadian Security Professionals Crowned 2019...

March 6, 2019 by

Toronto, ON — March 6, 2019 — Canadian Security Professionals announced today that they have been selected as a 2019 “Best of Award” Winner by HomeStars.
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 Video Security Cameras Secure

Are Your Video Security Cameras Secure?

January 10, 2019 by

With home security technology developing at a rapid pace, it is no surprise that more and more Canadian homes are being outfitted with cutting-edge security systems featuring video cameras. These cameras can be mounted virtually anywhere inside or outside your home, allowing you to view vulnerable areas in your home and on your property.
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 Advantages of an Interactive Security System

7 Advantages of an Interactive Security System

January 3, 2019 by

Interactive security systems offer the user absolute control over their home security. This smart security technology can be tailored specifically to your unique home security needs, allowing you to create a security system that you trust to keep you and your family safe.
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Difference Between Z-Wave and Wifi Security Systems

What Is the Difference Between Z-Wave and Wifi...

December 12, 2018 by

If you’ve been looking into automated security systems, chances are you’ve come across a technology known as Z-Wave. Home automation has typically involved Wifi capabilities, which many of us are familiar with. We’ve had years to witness wireless internet spread throughout shopping malls, hotels, airports and university campuses.
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What Is Home Automation

What Is Home Automation?

December 5, 2018 by

Home automation allows you to access the devices in your home from virtually anywhere in the world. While this term is often used for isolated programmable devices like sprinklers and heating systems -- home automation more accurately refers to a residence in which nearly everything is hooked up to a remote network.
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